Galloway ends 15-year tenure as Boyd trustee

By Jimmy Alford | Published Saturday, May 3, 2014
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After 15 years, Pam Galloway is stepping down from the Boyd ISD board of trustees.

Pam Galloway

Galloway said it’s time to let others serve the community as she has. Currently, Galloway serves as the board’s secretary but has held other positions on the board including two stints as president.

Superintendent Ted West said Galloway’s mother, Joan Jackson, was a longtime teacher in the Boyd schools and is a member of the district’s Employee Wall of Fame. He believes Jackson would be proud of the work her daughter has put in for the students.

During her tenure, Galloway has seen five superintendents and five other board members come and go, as well as many other changes.

West said Galloway was a major supporter of the bond proposal voters approved to construct the new high school and has always been a great supporter of the music department, band and agriculture programs.

“I feel Galloway has earned the respect and admiration of the stakeholders of BISD by always being open-minded and trying to make decisions based on what is best for kids,” West said. “She also had the perspective of a parent, as she saw her own three children all graduate from Boyd High School while she served as a trustee.”

She joined the board as a concerned parent when her children were in elementary school. She said she believes parents need to be involved in the process.

“My children have now graduated and all are successful, in part, because of the education they received in the Boyd Independent School District,” Galloway said.

She noted that some people run for school board for the wrong reasons. She wanted to be part of changing things, but realized changes don’t happen overnight.

“A good board member has to come to the point where they realize it isn’t just about their own children or even your own beliefs,” Galloway said. “You’re on that board for every single child in your school district. It is only then you can make the best decisions for the district.”

West said Galloway has never been shy about giving her opinion and speaking out on what she felt was right.

“I feel that she will be remembered for being fair and promoting all programs and departments of Boyd ISD,” West said.

She said there have been plenty of good times, but there have also been many challenges over the years. She said a board member’s job is akin to a complex puzzle, and each board member and superintendent who has come and gone in the past 15 years is part of that puzzle.

“Every person has brought something important to the group that has moved our district forward,” Galloway said. “Has the road been smooth for my 15 years on the board? Sometimes, but most of the time it was bumpy and those were the times when we were able to accomplish great things for our district.

“Every bump, every challenge brought us closer toward the goals we have set for BISD.”

West said he feels Galloway’s legacy as a board member will have a lasting educational impact on the lives of BISD students.

BISD will honor all outgoing board members, including Galloway, at the beginning of their regular meeting, 6:30 p.m. Monday, May 19, in the Boyd ISD board room.

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  1. Eric Wilson says:

    Mrs. Jackson was my first grade teacher and was one of the finest people ever put on earth by God. If Pam served the district one-tenth as well her mother did, she was a great asset for BISD. Thanks for your service.


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