Dueling affidavits: Hearing Wednesday means removal, or trial, for Ross

By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, March 15, 2014


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3 Responses to “Dueling affidavits: Hearing Wednesday means removal, or trial, for Ross”

  1. Cheryl Cole says:

    Why on earth is this man wasting tax dollars fighting his removal from office? It’s obviously about the money. He plead guilty to theft. Now he claims innocence and wants his back pay. He’s not going to win. He will be out even more money filing this claim. He should quit while he is ahead.

  2. says:

    Oh please. We all love our grandchildren and want to give them THINGS, but we give what we can afford and what we think they need not want. I don’t think it was appropriate for him to run for office after pleading guilty for theft. What has our Country come too, when someone is convicted for a crime and can run for office? We hear this everyday in our Government – lies, deceit, fraud and crime and still the ones in office seem to be ok with it and even get away with it. I was raised differently, with character and honor, and can’t seem to grasp the gall of someone like Mr. Ross.
    Peggy Owens

  3. Both of the comments are made by people who have no idea as to what the facts are. Or what the Local Government Code is. Please do not think I am not being disrespectful it just that NO thief was ever proven taken to court, it was dismissed by the special attorney because there was no proof to go to court on. The plea Ross took a class B mis. under Local Government Code states that Official Misconduct does NOT carry the weight for removal of office. Therefore Ross was removed improperly in the first place. You are both good honest US citizens of that I am sure but you comment on things that are not facts, remember that News Papers don’t print the truth they print what sells!!!!! their paper and pays their paycheck. County Attorney has been told by Comish. Court do what ever you can to stop from paying him this money we owe him by law.


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