Council hears positive audit report

By Erika Pedroza | Published Wednesday, February 19, 2014
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The financial situation in Paradise is a little like the city’s name implies.

At Monday’s city council meeting, Carl Deaton, an independent auditor, presented a “very good” audit report to the council.

“Every year we’re in better shape,” said city secretary Teresa Moody. “We have enough funds to cover two-and-a-half years’ worth of expenses. We’re doing really good.”

Later in the meeting, the council discussed investing some of those funds into certificates of deposit but opted to hold off on that until a certain project is completed.

City officials plan to expand a road adjacent to the property where a Dollar General is expected to be established.

“They want to wait until we have a better idea of what that’s going to cost us,” Moody said. “We’ve had some people say they don’t feel it’s the city’s responsibility to expand the road, but really it is in the city’s interest to do it. We can get more property tax, it adds a water customer and it will generate sales tax.”

The council also:

  • raised its water tap installation fees. Cost to put in a 1-inch meter increased to $1,400 from $850, and the 2-inch $2,500 from $1,750. “The last one we did, we lost quite a bit of money because the materials cost so much,” Moody said.
  • reported that a leak in front of the intermediate school had been fixed. “Initially we thought it was packing that needed to be tightened, but it turned out being valves that had gone bad,” Moody said. “So it was a little more of an issue, but it’s been fixed.”
  • learned city staff had received a list of the customers hooked up to the school’s sewer system so the city could start billing them. “The reason the school asked us to take over them is if (the customers) don’t pay, we can cut off the water. The school has no way to do it,” Moody said. “Some have not paid in three or four years.”
  • heard no new information on a city sewer system, but officials hope to receive an update at next month’s meeting.

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