Company eyes Wise for disposal well

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Amidst calls for a moratorium on injection wells in Wise and Parker counties, a Dallas company has announced plans to put an injection well near Chico.

In the past few weeks the Texas Railroad Commission, the agency that regulates the oil and gas industry, has started a search to hire a seismologist.

Meanwhile, the Texas House has created a subcommittee to investigate the relationship between earthquakes and injection wells, and hundreds of residents from Wise and Parker counties have gathered at meetings to voice their concern over the connection between a rash of earthquakes and nearby injection wells.

On Tuesday, a busload of residents from this area traveled to Austin to attend a Texas Railroad Commission meeting.

The McCutchin Petroleum Co. has filed for a commercial disposal well permit at a site two-and-a-half miles northeast of Chico. The well will inject saltwater and other oil and gas waste into the Ellenberger formation, more than 7,200 feet underground.

Anyone wishing to request a public hearing and show how they might be adversely affected by the new well, Jeff Moser Lease, Well No. 3, can contact the Texas Railroad Commission at 512-463-6792.

2 Responses to “Company eyes Wise for disposal well”

  1. Walt Partin says:

    This will be within a mile of my house. How might I be adversely affected? Well…let’s start with injecting salt water and other oil and gas waste in the ground where I live and where I get my drinking water from my well. A public hearing with the RR commission? They just ignored a whole town that has suffered over 30 earthquakes from the RR’s oil and gas buddies. I’m sure they will be greatly concerned about my drinking water, yeah, right.
    Walt Partin

  2. Ready the October District Clerk records in the Messenger under tax cases is Bridgeport ISD, et al vs. McCutchin Petroleum Corp. Shame on them for not paying school taxes when doing business in our County.


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