Clark’s contributions top $10K

By Kristen Tribe | Published Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Republican county judge candidate J.D. Clark topped $10,000 in campaign contributions, according to the most recent finance reports.

In the last month, Clark collected $2,700 to bring his total campaign contributions to $10,400 leading up to the March 4 primary.

Time to Vote

TIME TO VOTE – Early voting continues 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through the end of this week at Decatur City Hall, the Bridgeport Law Enforcement Center and Rhome City Hall. Candidates Monday turned in their final campaign finance reports before the March 4 primary election. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

The reports turned in Monday detail contributions and expenditures from Jan. 24 to Feb. 22. All opposed candidates are required by the Texas Ethics Commission to file the report.

Fellow judge candidate Keith McComis reported $3,285 in contributions, which is more than he collected in the prior two reporting periods combined. The most recent contributions bring his campaign total to $6,085.

Kyle Stephens reported only $150 in contributions Jan. 24 – Feb. 22 and reported no contributions in previous reports.

Democratic county judge candidate Jim Stegall reported a single $2,000 donation, bringing his total campaign contributions to $2,035.

McComis led all candidates in expenditures during this time period with $4,665.36. Clark followed with $3,381.39 and Stephens spent $1,390.40. Total expenditures by Republican county judge candidates include $9,601.17 by McComis; $8,312.97 by Clark; and $4,326.50 by Stephens.

Stegall, the lone Democrat, has spent $2,518.74.

Below is a list of candidates and the information as it appears on their campaign finance report forms.


  • J.D. Clark: $2,700 contributions, $3,381.39 expenditures

Contributions included $1,000 from Louis Dorfman of Dallas; $600 each from Mike Overton and Richard Pietila, both of Decatur; $150 from Kevin Burns of Decatur; $100 each from Bob Johnson of Alvord, Rayce Cantwell of Decatur and Kelly Myers of Decatur.

Clark reported $50 in donations of $50 or less.

  • Keith McComis: $3,285 contributions, $4,665.36 expenditures
  • Contributions included $1,000 from John Coker of Decatur; $500 from Crisp Industries in Bridgeport; $250 each from Dan Selz, Gary Green and Dwayne Kennedy, all of Bridgeport; $200 from R.D. Molloy of Bridgeport; and $100 each from Tom Messer of Runaway Bay, Leon Wilkerson of Bridgeport and Robert and Deborah Rankin of Decatur. Messer also made a second contribution of $100.

    McComis reported $285 in donations of $50 or less.

    • Kyle Stephens: $150 contributions, $1,390.40 expenditures

    Contributions included $100 from Mr. and Mrs. Geary L. Washburn of Decatur and $50 from Frances Janecka of Decatur.

    Stephens also reported $100 in donations of $50 or less. His total contributions reported does not appear to include this amount.


    • Jim Stegall: $2,000 contributions, $1,048.86 expenditures

    Contributions included $2,000 from Tom and Lori Chivers of Carrollton.


    • Gaylord Kennedy: $0 contributions, $2,662 expenditures
    • David Stewart: $0 contributions, $1,401.76 expenditures
    • Terry Ross: $0 contributions, $0 expenditures


    • Kristina Kemp: $200 contributions, $141.98 expenditures
    • Contributions included $100 each from Billy Kemp of Boyd and Jim and Pat Stegall of Bridgeport.


      • Brenda Rowe: $100 contributions, $1,042.88 expenditures

      Rowe reported a single $100 contribution from Lisa Summers of Colleyville.

      • Callie Manning: $100 contributions, $1,390.40 expenditures

      Manning reported a $100 contribution from J.E. Haynes of Decatur.


      • Katherine Hudson: $0 contributions; $2,075.82 expenditures
      • Daniel Rivas: $0 contributions; $1,498.33 expenditures


      • Jan Morrow: $0 contributions, $224.59 expenditures
      • Josh Reynolds: $0 contributions, $637.81 expenditures


      • Clay Poynor: $0 contributions, $281.25 expenditures
      • Teresa Graves: $290 contributions, $465.37 expenditures

      Graves reported a $100 contribution from Michelle Payton of Decatur and $190 in donations of $50 or less.

      Early voting continues 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through the end of this week at Decatur City Hall, the Bridgeport Law Enforcement Center and Rhome City Hall.


      The Wise County Messenger will host an election night watch party starting 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 4. After the polls close, hang out at the Messenger, 115 S. Trinity St., in Decatur to watch the numbers roll in. The public and candidates are invited. Refreshments will be served.

One Response to “Clark’s contributions top $10K”

  1. Tracy Smith says:

    It is okay for the Messenger to Publish Total Campaign contributions of each candidate, but to itemize these contributions in print? It is a form of intimidation and polarizes the people and business’ in Wise County from being more involved in the election process. It is a matter of public record and can be accessed at the Local Elections Administrators office if anyone would like to see it and maybe instead of putting one’s name and name of business in the paper they could let the public know where a more detailed list can be reviewed. This is not a public service and only helps divide the base of each party during election time. I would protest if it was in my favor or the Democratic Party’s favor if I felt my campaign contributors were being put in a tight spot or were at risk of loosing business because of the lack of support or support of one candidate over another and would most certainly not use it as a campaign platform in which to brag upon.


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