Candidates made early vote margins stand up

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, March 15, 2014
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The vote totals tell the ultimate story of how an election went for candidates – but more stories emerge when you dig a little deeper into the numbers.

Last week, we broke down the county judge and Precinct 4 commissioner races. This week, we’ll take a closer look at the district clerk race and the Precinct 1 and 4 justice of the peace races in the Republican primary.

None of those candidates has a Democratic opponent in November.

District Clerk Graphic


Incumbent Brenda Rowe won re-election as district clerk by gathering 58.27 percent of the vote. She also won 24 of the 25 individual voting precincts in the county. The only box she lost was Precinct 2-9 in Alvord. Her opponent, Callie Manning, won 63.4 percent of the vote in her hometown area.

Rowe’s strongest showing appeared to come from the south part of the county. She captured three out of every four votes cast in Precinct 3-25. Rowe also carried box 3-20, in Cottondale, with 70.59 percent of the vote. She topped 60 percent in 13 of the 25 boxes including all of the commissioner Precinct 3 boxes.


Incumbent Jan Morrow was re-elected as Precinct 1 justice of the peace with 69.18 percent of the vote over challenger Josh Reynolds. She won all seven voting precincts in commissioner Precinct 1. Her strongest showing was the 79.84 percent of the vote she captured in Precinct 1-3 in the Slidell area. She also earned more than 70 percent in Precinct 1-4 (Greenwood).

Reynolds did best in Precinct 1-22, located south of Decatur, with 46.09 percent of the vote.


Clay Poynor won re-election as Precinct 4 justice of the peace with 67.2 percent of the vote over challenger Teresa Graves. Poynor won all five voting precincts with more than 65 percent of the vote in each.

In fact, the percentage of the vote changed very little from precinct to precinct. Poynor’s strongest showing was 69.01 percent in Precinct 4-13, and his lowest percentage was the 65.15 percent he claimed in Precinct 4-16.


Early voting accounted for 44 percent of the total votes in the Republican primary election, and it proved a remarkably accurate predictor of the final results.

Rowe led after early voting with 58.03 percent of the vote, and she won with 58.27 percent of the total vote.

In early voting, Morrow claimed 70.52 percent compared to a final percentage of 69.18.

Poynor received 65.95 percent of the early votes and finished with 67.2 percent.

Similar patterns were seen in the county judge race where J.D. Clark’s winning early vote/election day splits were 57.17 and 55.33 percent. The only change from early to final vote totals was Kyle Stephens, who led Keith McComis 21.97 percent to 20.86 percent after early voting, but eventually finished third with 21.57 percent of the vote compared to McComis’ 23.1 percent.

In the county treasurer race, Katherine Canova Hudson’s numbers changed just over one-tenth of 1 percentage point between early and total votes, 73.8 to 73.69 percent.

The largest shift was seen in the Precinct 4 commissioner’s race. Gaylord Kennedy won the three-person race with 59.42 percent of the vote. He led with 65.66 percent of the vote after early numbers were released.

For more breakdowns of last week’s Republican and Democratic primary elections, visit the Wise County Election Department’s website at and

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