Life’s experiences have shaped who I am

By Cristin Morgan | Published Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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I am unique. I can be a journalism nerd, an academic geek, a dancer, a wannabe actress, a jokester, a hard worker – the list keeps going. You name it, and I am not afraid to try it.

I have never been the type to fit in, but I am one to stand out.

Cristin Morgan

Cristin Morgan

My journalism career started when I walked into Room A201 freshman year. I sat down thinking I was taking Journalism 1 just for an extra credit on my transcript. I didn’t know that would be my safe zone, my passion and my life in high school.

With many ups and downs throughout high school, journalism has always had my back. My talent in journalism is something I am proud to share because it’s one of the things in life I enjoy and can accomplish.

Now, for dancing. My life took a 360-degree turn at the end of sophomore year. I started dancing in seventh grade and fell in love with it. I always imagined myself captain of the Eagle Dolls, not editor of the print newspaper.

I took some winding roads along the way and realized God has a different path for me. I still get my fix for dancing in every week through Zumba, a dance game on the Wii or freestylin’ it in my living room.

At home I am known as the drama queen because I love acting. I have different personalities and characteristics to go along with my wannabe acting career.

If I try to act in public, it never works, just like in the eighth grade when I was in the One-Act Play, “The Terezin Promise.” To this day I remember the one line that I forgot was, “He’s bleeding.” Yep, that is the line that caused us to skip a whole scene. After that performance I told myself, “Never again.”

Not only am I a wannabe actress, but I am also a jokester. People never expect a prank to come from me, and that’s why I love it. I get people all the time. I am not the quiet girl I appear to be at school; I am surprisingly loud and outgoing.

That’s where hard work comes into play. I go to class to learn, do my work and respect my teachers. I have never been the one to be obnoxious during class. I wait to be my jolly self after school.

I do believe one of my top qualities is my work ethic. I won’t stop until the job is complete. I won’t turn it in or call the customer until it is done right, and until it is beyond expectations. I will admit my school projects have been lacking the perfection I look for in my work, but I still go over and beyond to please the receiver to make their job easier.

God has been on this long journey with us. Through blood, sweat and tears, I think we can say that some amazing things have happened in our lives. I never envisioned having the friends I have, the teachers I’ve gotten to know, running the newspaper and changing my personality from a shy freshman to an outgoing senior.

People go through many trials and errors, but anyone can look back and remember all the good, hard and difficult times. Every person goes through the process of having the wonderful feeling of walking across the stage and accepting the diploma he or she has been working hard for. And it’s finally our time.

I am heading up to Durant in the fall, not to go gambling, but to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where I will pursue another four years of school with a communications major in advertising and a double minor in journalism and graphic design. I’ve learned through responsibility, dedication, determination, a willingness to always improve and, most of all, optimism that anything is possible.

Wherever you may be headed I wish you the best of luck. God has changed my life, and I hope he blesses you just as He has blessed me.

Cristin Morgan is graduating from Decatur High School.

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