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WRHS to suspend inpatient services at Bridgeport

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Wise Regional Health System will suspend inpatient services at its Bridgeport campus effective Dec. 1.

The change will only affect the medical/surgical inpatient unit and ICU. The facility will remain open, focusing on outpatient services including surgery, radiology and Emergency Services.  Patients who need an overnight stay will be transferred to the Decatur campus.

“Wise Regional has provided the ability to care for inpatients since March 2013 and had hoped to see enough inpatient volume at the Bridgeport campus to provide a good level of support for the facility,” said Donna Stowers, the Bridgeport hospital’s administrative director. “An Intensive Care Unit was opened at the end of September to further encourage inpatient admissions to the facility. Unfortunately, we have not seen the patient volumes that are necessary to make inpatient services a financially viable effort.”

WRHS officials expected to encounter losses on operations, but CFO Jim Eaton said the Bridgeport campus has continued to lose about $350,000 per month. Inpatient volumes, which were projected in the eight to 10 patient per day range, have instead remained at one to two patients per day.

“Our goal and hope is that this is a temporary suspension,” said CEO Steve Summers. “All of the equipment needed to restart inpatient services at Bridgeport will remain intact, and we are maintaining our license as an inpatient facility. We are committed as an organization to providing quality care in Bridgeport and health care services which are needed and will continue to do so.”