Paradise School Board race officially tied

Bill Mundy and Ben Sanders are now officially tied for Place 6 on the Paradise School Board. The Wise County ballot board met this morning to determine if the provisional ballots cast in last week’s election are valid ballots. One of the ballots deemed valid included the Paradise School Board races. Bill Mundy held a one-vote advantage over Ben Sanders, 93-92, prior to the provisional ballot being cast. When the results were updated to include the provisional ballot, the results showed a 93-93 vote tie. The two candidates and the school district now must decide how to break the tie. Election law provides a few options: candidates could agree to cast lots (such as a coin flip or drawing straws) or one candidate could withdraw. If neither candidate can come to an agreement, an automatic recount is held. If the race is still tied, a run-off election would be held.

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