Items found in Ebel’s vehicle strengthen link to Colorado murders

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A search warrant obtained by the Wise County Messenger¬†from the Wise County District Clerk’s Office revealed a laundry list of items found in the 1991 black Cadillac driven by Evan S. Ebel, 28, of Colorado, during his wild shoot-out with law enforcement in Wise County last Thursday morning. Ebel used a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun during his firefight with Wise County sheriff’s deputies and Decatur police officers. In addition to the handgun, investigators found more weapons and ammunition in the vehicle along with narcotics, cell phones, computers, thumb drives, memory cards and several forms of correspondence with an unknown or unidentified suspect who might be involved in the case. The most damning items found include a Domino’s Pizza carrier bag and a Domino’s Pizza jacket. This possibly connects Ebel with the murder of Nathan Leon, 27, a part-time delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza in Denver. Leon was found murdered on Sunday, March 17. Also, Hornady 9mm shell casing recovered from the scene of the shootout in Wise County are the same caliber and brand found at the home of Tom Clements Tuesday night. Clements, 58, director of Colorado Department of Corrections, was gunned down in front of his home in Monument, Colo., two days before Ebel started a mobile shooting rampage through Montague and Wise County. Ebel possibly used the pizza delivery garb as a disguise to approach the home of Clements. The Cadillac had two different kinds of Colorado license plates on it. The car itself was not registered to Ebel, but to an individual living in Aurora, Colo.

Messenger photo by Jimmy Alford

Messenger photo by Jimmy Alford

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