Heithecker not guilty by reason of insanity in mother’s death

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Kirk Alan Heithecker was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 271st District Court this morning. Heithecker, 49, is accused of killing his mother at their home south of Decatur sometime over Mother’s Day weekend earlier thisĀ  year. Dr. Jim Womack, a licensed psychologist who performed evaluations on Heithecker last month, testified that Heithecker has a history of mental illness dating back to his early 20s and has taken medication for many years. He apparently was not taking this medication around the time of his mother’s death. Womack testified that Heithecker could not distinguish between right or wrong when he apparently killed his mother and buried her under a pile of trash in the front yard of their rural home. In fact, Womack testified that Heithecker said he felt threatened by his mother and even thought she might be trying to kill him. Assistant District Attorney Tim Cole said the state did not dispute the doctor’s findings of Heithecker’s insanity at the time of the murder. Heithecker will be evaluated at a state hospital and return to court within 30 days for a committal hearing. He will then be committed to a state hospital. The judgment was made by District Judge John Fostel. Heithecker waived his right to a jury trial.

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3 Responses to “Heithecker not guilty by reason of insanity in mother’s death”

  1. This man sat on my bus one day as a rider and told me that his mental problems are from all the drugs he did in his youth. I guess he will be out on the streets of Wise County again, wonder who his next victim will be, if he will kill a lady that loved him unconditionally no telling who will be next. Way to go Wise County!

  2. says:

    Wow I cannot believe they found sane people to say he was insane…just because your crazy doesn’t mean you don’t know right from wrong!

  3. When confronted with a mentally ill relative or neighbor, it is best to file an assault charge so the authorities will have cause to take them to jail. Don’t try to protect them…seek professional help before they kill you or others. If the mother had pressed charges that day, she would still be alive and he would have been evaluated and probably committed. Let’s hope he will be committed for life because there is no cure..only medication..and apparently he is not capable of administering his own meds.


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