Why do we need politicians?

By Rusty White | Published Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Two-hundred-plus years ago we sent our brightest and most educated to represent us, due to a lack of education, no communications and the distance and time.

That was then. This is now – so why follow the same standards? With today’s technologies “We, the people” could and should vote on every law we are being forced to live under, should we not? This should be at every level of government – city, county, state and federal!

Everybody claims to want less government in our lives, yet every year we send more politicians to state and federal offices – which we, the taxpayers, have to pay for, with less and less return for our money.

Every time we watch both sides in power manipulate the system to redraw the maps to give themselves more power, I ask, when does it stop? Do any of us have a job we can do for only two years and get lifetime retirement, health care etc., for passing laws they don’t have to follow? No! So why do they?

Before we wind up with thousands of career politicians we have to take care of forever, why not fix it now?

Why not limit all houses of government to three members from each district and/or state: one Republican, one Democrat and one Independent? Would that not be true, fair and equal representation? And none of them would have the power to create a dynasty, or monopoly, or new laws without the new laws being voted upon and passed by a majority of US!

You want people to start voting again? Then make their votes mean something! You want to end the gridlock and party partisan crap? This would do it. Would this not put an end to those buying elections away from other parties?

It would put an end to lobbyists and special-interest groups and stop the never-ending growth of government, while truly giving the power back to “We, the people!”

Now that is what I call “real change!”

Rusty White

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  1. Rusty White says:


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