What privacy?

By Tony Girtman | Published Saturday, June 15, 2013

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Why is it that the people who seem so concerned about their privacy and governmental snooping into their emails, etc. are the ones who post everything they know or think they know on Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Tony Girtman
Runaway Bay

3 Responses to “What privacy?”

  1. Walt Partin says:

    Amen brother!!

  2. Andrew Wynn says:

    How would you know they’re posting everything they know?

    Besides, revealing what they choose to reveal of their own volition is one thing and government intrusion in violation of the Fourth Amendment is another all together.

    Perhaps you’re one who doesn’t mind that some appointed bureaucrat is listening to your phone conversations and snooping in your financial and tax records and blue-haired grandmas and sixteen year-old grand daughters are getting groped by TSA at the airport in the name of national security while the administration arms terrorists in Syria, but that’s NOT okay with me.

  3. Robert Cox says:

    Amazing how willing people are to give away their freedom. Ben Franklin said that anyone who is willing to sacrifice their freedom for security deserves neither. I agree.


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