U.S. looking like Germany in its last days

By Ted H. Shaw | Published Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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I have, with great interest, studied closely some books by German authors that in detail stated the facts and explained the conditions in Germany post-World War I, the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi party (National Socialism) and the end of World War II, which led to Hitler taking his own life as a coward in an underground bunker.

As one who has been a proud American for 77 years, a college graduate who served in the military, I am informed. Not as much as I would like to be in world affairs, politics and financial systems, but I am informed. I do recognize quite easily that some of those in local, state and national politics, as well as the controlling administration and presidents, have an agenda that is in most cases not in our best interests. There is deception by men and women who have been elected to lead us.

Remember back in 1992 when the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid!” was effectively used in the presidential campaign? The state of the economy was used effectively in Germany at the end of World War I and was a driving theme as Hitler began to push his dictatorship on the German people. He said, “I can do all things for all people.” Sound familiar?

When he convinced the masses to follow his programs wherein the government would provide everything to everybody – health care, food, jobs, fair wages – then gradually the real agenda began to be exposed. We, the government, will take from the “haves” and redistribute to the “have-nots.” Let’s make it clear: God stated “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

Space does not allow an in-depth discussion of all the similarities between Germany and America – the failure of Germany under the dictatorship of Hitler and the deteriorating conditions under the leadership of a number of our presidents, which has led to the implementation of government programs that cause people to be dependent on government.

Remember “The Great Society”? Remember a presidential speech encouraging young people to get involved? Very soon you will see our current president with a gathering of youth at the White House, to discuss ways in which they can get involved. Hitler went after the youth, too, to gain their support for his programs.

If you’re concerned like I am, try to become informed about the system that rules you, and those who lead you, and make those decisions. Those who say, “We know what’s best for you” should not be re-elected.

Consider purchasing, reading and analyzing Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer’s book, When a Nation Forgets God: Seven Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany. And remember those in Washington who said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Be informed so you can vote intelligently before it is too late for America.

Ted H. Shaw

15 Responses to “U.S. looking like Germany in its last days”

  1. Rick Collins says:

    Amen! I could not agree with you more Mr Shaw I would like to share a few Quotes along the same lines as what you are saying and maybe more eyes will be opened,GOETHE:: None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free:: HERMAN GOERING :: the people can always be brought to do the bidding of the leaders that is easy. all you have to do is tell them they are under attack and denounce the peace makers (RON PAUL) for lack of patriotism and are exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country:: and then just a few years later in his latest book ZBIGNEW BRZEZINSKI Who was in with the Bush & Obama office Wrote;:As America becomes an increasingly multicultural society it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus of foreign policy issues EXCEPT in the circumstances of a truly massive and widely PERCEIVED direct and external thraet This goes back a while but is still true today MARKUS TULLIUS CICERO Said;;A nation can survive it,s fools and even the ambitious.But it cannot survive TREASON from within Mr SHAW I say to you if we are the only ones speaking out about this I have one last quote for you . I don,t recall the author; :One small candel can light a room of darkness ,YET one spot of darkness cannot Darken a room of enlightenment

  2. Comparing today United States to 1920-1933 Germany is at best a stretch and at worst a total farce. First lets start with a reality check. There are no gangs roaming America kicking and threatening common citizens for their political views, unless you consider the party of Anarchist or more commonly known at the TEA Party. These people preach, their religious view is the only correct one, fear of government and fear of anything left of what they believe funded and supported by billionaires who want to create a class of low paid, uneducated slaves, to serve their needs then when they are injured, or sick or too old have no means to correct or support themselves in a comfortable dignified manner in their retirement. While these citizens strongly support their 2nd Amendment Rights they seem to forget about the rest of the Bill or Rights and the other Amendments added to those over the last 200+ years. I support the Constitution but not just parts of it if but all of it. I don’t need to rap myself in a flag, stand in a crowd and shout down other people who disagree with me show up at restaurant wearing guns and carrying rifles to suppress a group of women wanting to have a discussion on guns. That day these people were not wearing Brown shirts but what they carried spoke volumes.
    I don’t actively support creating laws that hurt or suppress the vote of the people in particular people who are likely not to vote for the extreme views supported by some. In fact I oppose this a truly ugly assault on what what United States and it Constitution really stands for. I don’t believe Big Brother is out to get us all, while at the same token define and declare what constitutes who we should marry who and deny rights to some because they don’t follow their particular warped religious views. Mr Shaw needs to reread this history again and understand if the one truth that does stand out the threat to our liberty does not come from the left but as it always has, from the narrow mindedness of the right, religious right and the super filthy rich who only goals to get more filthy rich at other expense. We’re in tough times made only tougher by the sheer greed of some and complacency of others to his fellow citizens to listen to the people with all thate money.

  3. Andrew Wynn says:

    That’s pure slander, hate, and propaganda, Mr. Randolph. You fail to characterize conservatism in an intellectually honest manner. That’s the way of the radical leftist and you thereby characterize honestly, if unwittingly, only yourself.

  4. Some of my beat friends are conservative. In fact in some matters I consider myself a conservative. Fiscal responsibility for example in Government. Not that we need more spending but wiser spending. Instead of building another 3000 M-1 tanks i would suggest this money be spent rebuilding the hundred of not thousands of rotting Interstate Highway Bridges. It would offer just as many if not more jobs and build a better infrastructure for a new modern United States. How about a joint project for High speed rail, between the railroads and the Government. And I don’t even want to start on the electrical grid across the United States. One good solar flare and millions could be with electrical power for weeks. But that is about science and we all know that God fearing people, fear science. The left is not talking creating Militias, holding military style training camps, teaching their young children to shoot on sight and kill. They are not talking about Secession as I have seen several bumper stickers in the area suggest that Texas do, the world does not need another 3rd world country. Hate, I don’t hate, I try to understand all sides of of the coin and come to a reasonable compromise. I may get some of what I want but not all that I want and will be happy with that. Compromise is not in the word vocabulary of the extreme right and the Government shutdown was a example of this. People are tired of it. 4 years of Government disfunction has to end and those who only cling to the edges of reality and compromise will be thoroughly disappointed as the rest of us pass them by. Problem is in their own words and actions, they have weapons and in their warped perception the rest of us may go to far and then who knows how far they will go to impose their will on the rest of us. The Koch Brothers and other of their ilk are not being intellectually honest and are people who fund the half truths and outright lies all the time. Facts facts facts living in a conservative bubble has left to many people asphyxiated with fear, despair and no compassion and it time they come out into the reality that things are getting better and there still a deep well of hope

  5. Jim Popp says:

    AMEN Ted Shaw, AMEN!!

  6. Rusty White says:


    You stated many facts sadly some can only believe In “their” own ways and no one else can believe differently!!! This country was founded upon the principles of “”Individual Freedoms””, yet many today refuse to accept others having “equal rights”, WHY? Fear has become the cornerstone for our laws, enforcement and courts, and being used to manipulated a “minorities” beliefs into our everyday lives, WHY?
    I for one, believe where we as a country and a people started down the “wrong road”, is when people stopped minding their own damn business! Today we as a nation attempt to self justify using drones in other countries KNOWING innocent people of all ages are dying! Who gave us the right to force our will and beliefs out side our boarders? We would not accept ANY other country sending drones across our boarders and killing innocent people FOR ANY REASON, would we? Therefore if we will not accept what we are doing to others being done to us, WE ARE WRONG! Yet many can’t understand why much of the world has turned their back on us, really???
    Here at home fear has been the cornerstone for tearing families apart, violating homes, using forfeiture laws to legally rob our citizens! It has been used to force citizens to give “blood” against their will, how much more does that resemble the Germany in this article? I guess it all boils down to how each can self justify their own agendas and beliefs while leaving no room for others to have the same right! I for one long for a time gone by, one where each had the same right to live and believe what they wanted and faith and self serving beliefs and agendas were not weapons to be used for self justification!

  7. Rusty, that was your best ‘blabber’ of the year. Did you even read the original letter, or was it just your desire to continue to push your agenda on the rest of us.

    And we say “Merry Christmas” at my house.

  8. Rusty White says:


    I am sorry if my comment went over your head, the article speaks of how we are following the same paths as Germany, right? Well Hitler used his V-2 and other weapon on those out side his boards, did he not? That is why I used the drones to show we are doing the same thing! Hitler used his position to rob his citizens of their freedoms using fear, controlled media and the supposed legal system, did he not? So that is why I used the disgusting practice of home invasions, forfeitures and forcing our citizens to give blood! No matter how well meaning or “some ” attempt to self justify these abuses, “”THEY”” are the ones using the same tactics Hitler used, are they not???

    For me it is pretty simple, those before us sacrifices so we could “”ALL”” have Individual Freedoms and believe as we so choose! They didn’t give “ANY ONE GROUP” more freedoms or control over others or more “supposed” faith based superiority over ANYONE, did they?

    TO EACH THEIR OWN, and everybody mind their own damn business at least as well as they try and mind everybody else’s!!!:):)

    As for pushing my agenda, have you seen what Colorado and Washington have done as well as other countries around the world are doing??? I believe they are doing what YOU and others have been saying “would never” happen! OOPS thanks for catching my spelling error MERRY CHRISTMAS to ONE AND ALL!:):)

  9. Rusty White says:


    Where did you go??? I was hoping you would come back and try to defend A FAILED POLICY??? I know it is hard to accept the fact you have been doing more harm than good, BEEN THERE DONE THAT!! The truth “will” one day come out, the question is how long will YOU support a LIE??? I’ll be here for ya!!

  10. Andrew Wynn says:

    What you refuse to see, recognize, and understand, Mr. Randolph is that your “progressivism” will inevitably lead this nation through a socialistic phase which will fail (IS FAILING) and ultimately into fascism.

    This nation was made great through economic and individual freedom, the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. THAT is the origin of what we cal “American exceptionalism.” These are the ideals that conservatism strives to preserve.

    It is THE LEFT that is reestablishing tyranny. It is THE LEFT that has subverted the Constitution to the point of near irrelevance and perverts true federalism. It is THE LEFT that fears the freedom of the individual and threatens Liberty.

    Compromise? What a concept! To THE LEFT, compromise is when conservatism yields to tyranny. Like schoolyard bullies, THE LEFT demands compromise day after day wanting half of what the victim possesses time after time until the victim has nothing. I think we’re through “compromising” with progressivism, Mr. Randolph. If you want my guns, my livelihood to spend as you see fit, and my personal Liberty then you’re going to have to take them by force.

    The left does not seem to grasp the notion that the federal government exists solely at the pleasure of the States and the People. As THE LEFT seems to think it can chip away at the individual freedoms protected by the Constitution which it does not like, and continue this process until all that remains is an all-powerful federal government which THE LEFT can then use to dictate to the People. What THE LEFT may learn the hard way is that it cannot destroy Constitutional Liberty without destroying the instrument of force they would employ in dictatorship.

    Progressivism is a cancer that must be rooted out and destroyed.

  11. Rusty White says:


    “””This nation was made great through economic and individual freedom, the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. THAT is the origin of what we cal “American exceptionalism.” These are the ideals that conservatism strives to preserve.”””

    REALLY, then why do we have more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world? Why do those claiming to be of faith and support the Constitution and Individual Freedoms support “no refusal”. “Zero Tolerance” and life time criminal records for those that have “no victims or violence” in their supposed crimes?

    The Freedoms and exceptionalism you claim to be striving to protect are being taken everyday in this county, state and country, FACT! It is “not ” just one side doing this crap, here is a clue for ya, FREEDOM, Equal Justice and Individual Freedoms are “NOT” just for those of one side or the other, FACT! A Liberty or Freedom taken from one, will eventually be taken from all, FACT!

    It is my guess, and I hope I am wrong! Your one of those that claims to be a strong advocate for our Constitution and Individual Freedoms, yet support the disgrace of “no refusal and Zero Tolerance”. right? You can’t have it “both ways”, either we are all equal and free or none of us are, no matter how well meaning or attempt to self justify ones own self serving beliefs, faith or agendas, right?

  12. Andrew Wynn says:

    Let the States decide these issues, Mr. White. You don’t even belong in this argument. FACT!

  13. Rusty White says:


    REALLY BROTHER, let the states decide the degree of abuse of the Constitution??? Sadly your failure to address the questions I presented has shown all, that you at best can not defend your position using only truth and facts! So all have seen your support for abuse of the Constitution and legal system, while claiming to be a protector of the Constitution, sad at best! Intellectually dishonest while openly defend your “double standards”

    As is your hilarious assumption as to where I belong, or who’s acceptance or permission I need for a public discussion! Once again you failed to defend and support the Constitution, you ever heard of “free speech”, how sad!
    Public discussion DOES NOT need your inks blessings or permission, thanks for showing one and all your true beliefs and agendas of “supposed” conservatisms!!! Yet your ink still can not understand why our people refuse to follow your self serving agendas and beliefs, I FEEL FOR YA!

    Like I stated above, your kind can no longer have it “both ways”, you claim to support the Constitution yet also claim to be able to alter it at the state level for your self serving beliefs and agendas, NOT HAPPENING!!!

  14. Andrew Wynn says:

    I’d as soon argue with a fencepost, Mr. White. Even a fencepost would not try to put words in another’s mouth while pretending to practice intellectual honesty.

    You may consider yourself to be on IGNORE.

  15. Rusty White says:


    I understand, sadly typical of those that can’t defend their position with truth and facts. I used “your words” not mine, but that is ok when you care to have an honest and open discussion with mutual respect for others beliefs and opinions,come on back!:)

    You see I could care less what others think of me, because I am not the problem nor do I have all the answers! BUT I am honest enough to admit when I have been wrong and what I was doing was doing more harm than good! I am also known for sharing while not claiming to be above others or better than others, or using my faith as a weapon or “tool” to attempt to self justify my beliefs, FACT!

    Instead of childishly attempting to have powers of what I may or may not do, why not just dig deep and have an open and honest discussion? I have no hard feeling towards you as a person, but I do have a real problem with those that have “double standards”! As well as those that “claim” to support the Constitution “except” when violating it serves their personal beliefs and agendas, FACT!!!

    I’ll be here for ya, just keep it civil and honest, who knows we might just find the right answers! But one thing for sure, if we ignore each other NOTHING WILL CHANGE, right?:):):)


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