Thankful for the Second Amendment

By Tommy Tilson | Published Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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I am a Boy Scout with Decatur Troop 121, and I am currently working on my communications merit badge.

One of the requirements of this is to email a local newspaper with my opinion on a certain subject. I will be writing about gun rights.

I believe that a law-abiding person should always be able to own guns to defend themselves or their families. A person needs a defense against a criminal or robber.

If law-abiding citizens were no longer in ownership of a firearm, a criminal could rob or kill them, and they could do nothing about it. Criminals, of course, would not follow the laws, and they could have a gun.

I believe that a citizen who pays taxes, respects laws and has no history of criminal activity should have the right to own a firearm. I am grateful to live in a country where citizens are protected by the Second Amendment.

Tommy Tilson

One Response to “Thankful for the Second Amendment”

  1. Tommy, you could not be more right. Look at the headline this week of the home invasion in Alvord. There would definitely be more of that type crime if the criminals knew that nobody had a gun.Criminals have no respect for the law, other peoples possessions, or human life for that matter and they will always find a way to get a gun to commit their crime. I hope you get your Merit badge.


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