Story on young men inspirational

By Connie Graham | Published Saturday, October 5, 2013

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The Wise County Messenger ran a wonderful article about the unselfish heroics of Garrett Self from Tioga and Jose Zuniga of Slidell (“Runner goes back on course to aid Slidell freshman,” Sept. 28, p. 8B).

These two young men showed, in my opinion, what America has always been built on. Jose Zuniga showed the strong effort to succeed, even though times were hard, and Garrett Self showed the caring it takes to help his fellow man to this successful conclusion.

Everyone should commend them and their example. What a breath of fresh air in a sometimes hostile, selfish and lazy world.

Outstanding article … well written – and most of all, terrific young athletes.

Connie Graham

One Response to “Story on young men inspirational”

  1. Gina Zuniga says:

    I too want to thank you WC Messenger for running this article. I am so Proud and Honored to say I am Jose’s(aka Joe) Mom. His Dad and I are so humbled and amazed at all the support Jose has been given during his cross country seasons. As a parent you support your kids in everything they achieve to do. When you see his teammates and opponents doing the same, We truly can not find the right words. Jose is very dedeciated in everything he sets out to accomplish. He may not finish in the top of the pack, but he gives it his all and finishes strong with the support of his piers. I saw a quote the other day that truly sums up Jose and all the wonderful runners we have met this year. We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start.


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