Stop calling the law for stupid reasons

By Becky Rushing | Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Once again, I sit in amazement reading the “Wise County Crime Report.”

No one, including law enforcement, cares that you don’t like your grandchild’s choice of girlfriend. If your kid is out of control, that’s your problem, not law enforcement. Step up and be a parent! If Facebook scares you, then turn off the computer!

People need to use some common sense before making calls to law enforcement. While an officer is dealing with stupid things that are not violations of the law, he is losing valuable patrol time or putting an important call on hold – maybe life or death.

Our men and women behind the badge work way too hard for way too little money to be called to be your babysitter, mentor, referee, counselor or parent figure.

With the temperatures and tempers rising, stop and think before you make that call. Ask yourself if you really want to air your family laundry with an outsider or if you just need to take control of your kids. Don’t make our officers stand out in 105-degree heat listening to all your family problems.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “I pay their salary, they work for me.” You are right, they are paid from city/county funds that we all contribute to in one way or another – so stop wasting my money.

Fortunately, it is not an offense in Texas to be stupid or our jails would be packed!

Becky Rushing

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