Searching for some kind strangers

By Catherine Simpson | Published Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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On April 27 at approximately 6:30 p.m. our pastor, Roger Ferguson, and his wife, Marla, where headed back home from Decatur and a woman in a truck with two children in the backseat came across the highway. This caused Pastor Roger to hit the axle of her truck at about 60 mph, actually breaking the axle in two.

We believe Pastor Roger flew over the truck cab somehow, and Marla flew about 50 feet onto the road. It is a miracle that both have survived without major head injuries. Marla had a few bruises caused by her glasses (which did not break), and she had seven stitches in her head. Roger had no damage to his head or face at all, which is hard to believe as his left side (where he must have landed) is almost crushed from shoulder to pelvis.

Lots of miracles, as neither had internal injuries. Both of them have wonderful attitudes and are grateful to several people who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

One of these was a man Pastor Roger saw as he lay on the road, in the path facing oncoming traffic. This man stopped the traffic before it hit Pastor Roger. He would like to find this man to thank him. There were other people who comforted both Marla and Pastor Roger during this ordeal.

If this letter reaches out to these good Samaritans, I know Pastor Roger and Marla would love to tell them thank you in person. He is at Integrity Acute Care Hospital in Denton, on Mayhill Road. His prognosis, like Marla’s, is good.

I would also encourage the young woman who was driving the truck to go see him. I would imagine she has suffered, too. I have found that when I go to bless both Pastor Roger and Marla, I receive a blessing, too.

Catherine Simpson
Friend and member of First Baptist Justin

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