School zone is there to protect precious lives

By Dan Williams | Published Saturday, September 14, 2013

We live across the street from the sixth grade campus that is on Eagle Drive. Our granddaughter was about to cross the street in the crosswalk two weeks ago and was almost hit by a woman in a black SUV, going about 30 miles per hour right in front of the school at 3:30 with children everywhere.

She was not even looking toward the school.

Since then I have started parking there and just observing drivers. Yesterday I counted 11 people who went by talking on cell phones, right in front of the school, as they drove by.

People ignore the 20 mph speed limit and the no-cell-phone-in-school-zone laws, and they completely ignore the two marked crosswalks in front of the school!

We love Decatur and our police department. They’re doing all they can do with the officers available to patrol the schools in Decatur. But the sixth grade campus is the only one where the kids cross the street. It is very close to that street, and the street is used by people to cut through from Farm Road 51 to Deer Park Road.

I am asking everyone to please slow down and watch for the kids. Please!

A concerned grandpa and citizen of Decatur,

Dan Williams

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