Pick a statesman for county judge

By Annette and Don Stephens | Published Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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The New Year is upon us, and with it, great changes appear on the horizon for those of us in Wise County. This year we will be electing new leaders, including a new county judge – the chief administrative officer of the county who will preside over the commissioners’ meetings and lead us in moving forward on several important issues.

Those issues include creating responsible budgets, addressing and implementing long-term water plans, as well as pursuing better economic development for the entire county. We must choose someone whose intelligence and integrity will guide him and our commissioners as they make decisions that daily affect us all.

J.D. Clark is the person to best fill the county judgeship this year. He is that man of vision, with the integrity, intelligence and responsibility to make tough decisions on our behalf. He has the ability to collaborate with others, to be fair and patient, to prioritize issues and, most importantly, to be decisive.

We have known J.D. for 13 years, long before he ran for political office. He has always been the consummate statesman from the day he first entered the political arena. In these times when politicians disillusion most Americans, one man stands separate from them all: J.D. Clark.

We are convinced he will not disappoint us. Vote for a true statesman, not a politician!

Annette and Don Stephens

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Messenger will run letters to the editor endorsing or opposing announced political candidates through the Feb. 22, 2014 issue for the March 4 primary elections. Leters should be brief, and those offering criticism should focus on policies and politics, avoiding personal attacks.

2 Responses to “Pick a statesman for county judge”

  1. Rusty White says:

    I hope and pray “whom” ever is elected, will represent “ALL” those in this county and not just those of their own beliefs and self serving agendas!

    We need leadership that does not “follow, but truly leads”! One that has the guts and back bone to call it like it is, instead of like “business as usual”! The tax payers and citizens deserve office holders “at all levels” that answer to and bow to the truth and well being of “all our citizens”, do we not? Not those with self serving agendas or beliefs that only serve themselves and their agendas!

    No matter what happens in this election, I urge every citizen and tax payer to stand up and start voicing your concerns and desires for where “WE” want the county to go “and not go” in the future!


  2. says:

    I agree with Mr. Rusty White. For all to long this county has been run by the good ole boys, and we have not moved forward. Since my family and I moved here in 1992, nothing has changed we have not moved forward like other counties in our area. The only way to make a difference is to get involved and vote your heart and conscience. We all need to stand firm and hold our elected officials accountable.

    Peggy Owens


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