People are the only real ‘gun problem’

By Adrian Boyd | Published Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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I don’t want to upset anyone. You can make nasty comments about what I am saying and how I say it – I will not come back and read the comments because I might be inclined to try and get the last word.

I have four beautiful granddaughters and one grandson, thanks to my daughter and son-in-law. The son-in law is an avid hunter (the kind that puts meat on the table), and he started almost at birth teaching his children about gun safety.

At the appropriate time they received a BB gun, later a pellet gun, .22 rifle, 410 shotgun, then a deer rifle. The year they became old enough to hunt in the state of Texas, they went on their first hunt and the four oldest have bagged at least one deer each. Their guns know who the boss is and have never harmed a person.

My son blessed us with two fantastic grandsons, but then he and his wife hit a snag and the grandsons are raised by their mother, except for two weekends a month. I hope they are never around firearms.

Accidents are common around the uninformed. There have been two children under the age of 5 shot in the head this week – a 2-year-old shot himself, and a 5-year-old was shot by an 8-year-old friend who was playing with a real gun – and you blame the gun?

If they stopped manufacturing guns today, guns in the wrong hands would still be around for thousands of years. You really have to feel sorry for the anti-gun people, the liberals and the dreamers who envision a perfect, fairytale world.

Fairytales are the product of Hollywood and television. We need to try and fix the real problem – the human problem. Some people are mentally unstable and some just have violent personalities. But when liberals have the inability to see the real problem, they go off in the wrong direction, point fingers, blame something else, make a lot of noise and waste tax dollars.

The only gun law that would work is a background check that looks at criminal history, mental health, drug use and alcohol abuse.

Adrian Boyd

4 Responses to “People are the only real ‘gun problem’”

  1. Andrew Wynn says:

    I was with you right until the very end, Adrian. The laws you suggest might keep some of the wrong people from buying guns, but it will never keep guns out of the wrong hands.

    It’s a “people” problem, all right. Poor parenting, irresponsible custody of arms, and lack of gun safety training contribute to needless injuries and death. But, assuming that a good deal of the reason we are having this discussion today is what happened in Newtown, Connecticut last December. The only way to effectively reduce such incidents is to abolish “gun-free” zones. The only thing the so-called “gun-free” zone does for anyone at all is to ensure that any lunatic bent on mayhem with a firearm has a place where he can be sure to inflict maximum carnage with minimal interference.

    Law-abiding citizens who carry concealed weapons have NEVER been the problem, and never will. Keeping them out of schools and other such places does N-O-T-H-I-N-G to keep children safe.

    Sometimes I have to wonder if common sense thinking has any influence at all in this world these days.

  2. Adrian Boyd says:

    Andrew, thank you for making it clear that was also one thing I was trying to get across. Retiring from teaching (1992) I have lost the ability to express a lesson or idea,even a complete thought to others.

  3. I 100% agree with both comments here! New laws seem like a good idea, but as we all know, criminals don’t obey laws, and the government doesn’t enforce them, so there you go. Thanks for a great letter.

  4. Jim Popp says:


    I can only say that I agree with both you and Andrew 100%. I have two small grandaughters and my son in law is also an avid hunter who is already involving them in various aspects as your two granchildren apparently were at that young age. Between my son in law and daughter and me, their pepaw, they will both definitely be taught the proper and safe use of firearms.


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