Penalties too light for ‘sex trade’ crime

By Shannon Hood | Published Saturday, August 10, 2013

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This is in response to “Teen forced into sex trade” in the Aug. 3, 2013, issue of the Messenger.

Prostitution, sex trafficking and a 14-year-old kid – this type of stuff no one wishes to hear. No one expects to hear that it happened here on our doorstep – this is something that happens far away. Even then, it’s bad, and it’s worse when it happens to a child.

So why isn’t the state pursuing charges against all the people who preyed on this child? This is sending the wrong message to sex offenders. Should not the No. 1 agenda for our state be to protect our children, our families?

It’s bad enough that the guy who forced this girl into prostitution only got a 20-year sentence and will come up for parole in only 17 months. But what about the 30 people who sexually abused this girl who are still walking around free? Where is the protection for this young girl?

I do not understand a system when all of the man-hours the law uses to bust some harmless pot-head, or a man drinking beer in his own yard or fighting a chicken, or creating crime using bait trailers – yet when a child is forced into prostitution with more than 30 people the law does not care enough to charge all known parties.

Stop and think if this could have been your little girl. I do not know this girl, but my prayers go out to her and her family.

Shannon Hood

11 Responses to “Penalties too light for ‘sex trade’ crime”

  1. Rusty White says:


    You raised many valid points, well done. While it is a well known fact that prostitution is the oldest profession known to mankind. What is hidden from reality is the taboo “for some” this profession is a desired commodity. No laws or punishment has “ever” stopped it from being practiced any where on this planet.

    In other countries and in this country where it is “regulated and legal”, they don’t have the problems we do. While there are those that feed upon the weak and the young there are those that choose to make a living at this trade, like it or not. Where it is “regulated and legal” they are regularly tested for STD’s and other legal requirements have to be met, even taxes are paid. By taking this issue out of the control and hands of criminals you let those that choose to, provide a service between “consenting adults”. I for one could careless what consenting adults do, I have enough problems of my own to worry about!

    If we want accountability we must accept the choices that go with privacy and with self responsibility. The sad truth is “if” this service had been available the odds are this sad event would not of even of happened. The only good to come out of this, is usually those in prison who have daughters handle these matters in their own way! Even though the time he was given isn’t much, it may well be a “life time”! As for the 30 others you speak of, did they know she was under age( now days it is getting harder to tell who is of age and who isn’t, is it not) , do we know or did they know she wasn’t a willing participate, doesn’t make it right in any way, but is a valid question, is it not?

    Don’t get me wrong I think the scum who did this should get what he has coming, but I also am a realist. I want to find ways to stop this from happening again, as well.… Before you go there, yes I have daughters and if this had happened to one of mine, this perp would not have to worry about going to jail nor would it cost the tax payers anything to end his abuse!

    Sadly it is what it is!

  2. So, Rusty… If I understand your dribble, you want to legalize all drugs AND prostitution???

    What has happened in your life to skewer your moral compass?

  3. Rusty White says:


    Yes you would be correct “if” you stated my beliefs correctly. What part of “Regulate” is it you don’t understand? As for my moral compass unlike you I don’t attempt to force my beliefs on others, nor do I believe I am one of the only “chosen ones”!

    I am a realist, that believes in Freedom for all, unlike you who believe only “your” perception of how others should live and believe, is the “only way”! Last time I checked “”HE”” does not want forced believers or followers, nor does “HE” need you or anyone to act and “supposedly” pass judgment in “HIS” name, right?

    You see bart, years ago I was taught that faith was to be kept in your heart to warm your sole, and to be shared with those willing to listen. “”NOT”” as many today falsely keep it on the end of their tongue using it as a weapon to force ones beliefs on others! Our cross was a symbol for all to see and gathers at “”IF”” they believed the same. Not as it is today, being pulled from the ground and used as a weapon to attempt to force other to accept a “minorities” beliefs! Our book was one of compassion and wisdom to be used as a guide through life, “”NOT” to be used as a weapon to self justify ones abuse against others!

    Yep, my compass is fine as is my belief all others don’t have to bow to my beliefs and each has “equal” Freedoms, Liberty and Rights not just the self pro-claimed chosen ones! I’ll be 61 tomorrow getting ever closer to that day of judgment , I am ready, ARE YOU???

  4. Rusty White says:

    To One and All,

    I must apologize for my lack of skills and ability to put in to writing what I am trying to say. Many times my thoughts don’t come out on this screen like I want them to. Basically I believe in the “ Individual Freedoms“, Liberties and Rights those before us died to gives all, in WHOLE NOT PARTS!

    Think about it, would your great grandfather accept the abuses we are being “manipulated” in to accepting today, mine would not! Would those of the past let their public servants violate their homes without a warrant, would they accept seeing their families being put in harms way while being terrorized by “military style” attack squads? Would they allow their courts, jails and prisons to be filled with those who have no “violence or victims” in their supposed crimes? Would they allow their children to be subjugated and “forced” to bow to unwarranted drug testing without any cause? This list goes on and on, the question is WHY?

    I for one believe we “all” have failed miserably in protecting these “gifts” those before us gave their lives to pass on to us! These “Freedoms, Liberties and Rights” were to be protected and passed down “in whole” not bits and pieces as we have allowed! No matter how well meaning or self justified “WE ALL” have let manipulated fear based agendas rob those coming behind us of any chance of living in a country where “Individual Freedoms” over ruled “anyone minorities” self serving beliefs and agendas, sad but true!

    There is still a chance for us to right these wrongs, and those coming behind us deserve the same free country we were given, do they not???

  5. Rusty, I certainly see why you didn’t make it in Law Enforcement.

    You would be an embarrassment to any police agency with your anti-government attitude.

  6. Rusty White says:


    I didn’t make it in Law Enforcement, because “I” chose not to, I guess all the commendations I received were due to me being a embarrassment, right? Yep, they will let anybody be a sniper on the weapons team, as well as be responsible for a 13.000 dollar K-9, right? You bet I am Anti-government when it comes to violating our Freedoms, Liberties and Rights, every American should be!

    Sadly some need others or manipulated laws to give themselves fake power, go figure? Try and have an open mind for a change, I realize when you can’t support your beliefs and position while only using truth, logic, facts, reality and common sense it’s hard to keep from insulting and attempting to slander those that can! When you can discuss this without the attacks and insults, come on back, I’ll be here for ya!

  7. Rusty, yet again, your well reasoned arguments fall mostly on deaf ears. I can agree with you on both drugs and prostitution.

    Look, folks, decriminalizing something doesn’t mean it’s condoned. It’s a question of the lesser of two evils, something which absolute black & white thought processes fail to grasp. The drug war is perfect evidence that these problems can’t be dealt with from the demand side, because desire for drugs and sex will always be there.

    By having legal and regulated drugs and prostitution, the worst effects of both can be minimized and more easily dealt with. For the drug trade, that’s the violence and cartels; and for prostitution, it’s human trafficking and coercion. Think of it this way:

    If the average pothead can get his fix from a legal, regulated, domestic source, he’ll know what he’s getting and there’s no funds going to cartels. If some john can get his fix from someplace where a gal is there by her own choice and is screened for STD’s, then why go with the trafficking victim?

    On top of that, such legal businesses can be taxed so the government can either break even or even profit from regulation, which is far better than dumping money into an endless problem.

    Props to you Rusty for making the point that needs to be made and sticking to your guns. And seriously, Bart, that ad hominem attack on Rusty’s career is just uncalled for.

  8. Rusty White says:


    Thanks for the honesty and open mind!:) Sadly many have forgotten how to mind their own business or to take care of their own “house” before telling others how to live!We need to hold people accountable for their actions that harm others “not” attempting force all to live as others believe is the only “rght way”!

    We the tax payers are forced to support this BS from jails, courts, probation, prison etc… when there are “NO” victims or violence in these supposed crimes, WHY???

    As for Bart, I am used to those that can’t defend their beliefs with only truth, facts, logic and common sense. I have grown pretty thick skin after taking a public and open stand on these issues, unwarranted attacks,insults and slander are just part of being honest. One day those that make a living off the unwarranted misery of others will have to face reality, and it isn’t an easy thing to accept!
    Thanks again for having an open mind, and not acting like the many sheep that blindly follow!!!


  9. The thought that we would completely turn out heads on something as atrocious as the drug trade, or worst yet, the illegal sex trade just because we can’t completely stop it is an asinine thought. The kind of thoughts that third world countries are made of. Since the day this country were founded, maintaining our morality has been at the forefront of our concern. Now people just throw their collective arms in the air with the thought that “if you can’t beat’em, just don’t even try”. What they, and you Rusty, fail to recognize are the hundreds, thousands, and even millions of lives that have been saved by the effort of drug laws, prostitution laws, sex trade laws, etc. Throw the effort out the window, and you and those who think like you sign a death or injury warrant for all of those that have been successfully controlled. Then you become as lethal, deadly, and harmful as those who deal drugs, prey on women and underage girls.

  10. Rusty White says:


    While you are welcome to your “opinion” as I and everyone else is! The facts do not support your position, nor do your assumptions that millions have been saved by this lie called the war on drugs, FACT! We the supposed freest country on earth have more people behind bars than AN OTHER, fact! Over 1/3 have NO VICTIMS OR VIOLENCE in their supposed crimes, FACT!

    Your “perceptions” as to how one should live their lives IS YOURS, not to be forced upon all others, right? Let me guess you are also one of those that believe we need less government in our lives, “”UNLESS”” it fits your self- serving beliefs and agendas, guess what you can’t have it both ways “”ANYMORE””!!! We the tax payers are DONE paying for this never ending witch hunt, no matter how well- meaning!

    There was a time in this country those that didn’t mind their own damn business where looked down upon by ALL, FACT! A time when people where held accountable for their “”actions”” that harmed others, not as it is today being forced to live by a “minorities” beliefs, FACT!

    All I want is honesty, truth, facts, and common sense no BS, and let the chips fall where they may, GAME???

  11. Rusty White says:


    “””Throw the effort out the window, and you and those who think like you sign a death or injury warrant for all of those that have been successfully controlled. Then you become as lethal, deadly, and harmful as those who deal drugs, prey on women and underage girls.”””

    I invite everyone to visit http://www.leap.cc and see the “hundreds of thousands” of present and former law enforcement officers, judges, scholars, doctors, teachers that Craig is attempting to slander with his fear mongering!

    Also I invite everyone to google “drugwarvictims” by drugwarrant and see those he claims as being “successfully controlled” !
    If this known failure called the war on drugs can not be defended using only truth, facts, reality and common sense, why should we be force to sacrifice our nations sons and daughters to it? Much less be forced to pay for it?

    There has to be a better way, help us find it!

    Rusty White
    Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition http://www.leap.cc


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