Our tax dollars at work … really?

By | Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Texas Ranger Jim Holland led a raid in Decatur early Friday that resulted in the arrest of 271st District Court Reporter Jeff Goodwyn, 56, of Decatur on charges of illegal drug possession. There were no other arrests, but the investigation is continuing, Wise County Sheriff David Walker said. In addition to Holland and other DPS officers, agents from the U.S. Secret Service and the Wise County Sheriff’s Office have been involved in the investigation which has been ongoing for several weeks, Walker said.

OK, I’ve got to ask: If this investigation has been going on for “weeks” and still continues, what did we, the taxpayers, get out of it? While I agree that nobody is above the law, the reality is we, the taxpayers, again will foot the bill for all of this and much more to come – and for what? Where are the “victims and violence” in this crime? Guess who will pay for the court, jail and to lock this citizen up for untold years, as well as take care of his family’s needs? We, the taxpayers!

I-for-one would like to know how many of our tax dollars were and are being spent on this continuing investigation. Can anyone tell us? More than 400,000 rape cases cannot be completed because crime labs are “overwhelmed” with drug testing. Which is more important, catching a rapist or convicting a person who has no victims or violence in their crime? One has to ask, if these resources had been used against “real’ criminals and “real” crimes that do have victims and violence associated with them, would not our community be better served?

When will we as taxpayers demand an end to these “dog and pony” shows, while “real” crimes go unsolved and “real victims” go without justice? Can the Messenger tell us how many unsolved crimes that do have “victims and violence” are still on the books in Wise County?

I, as a taxpayer and citizen, believe it is way past time to stop funding and supporting the waste of our limited resources. We don’t even know what this has already or will cost us, do we?

Can anyone honestly answer this question:

If we have been on the right path with the longest war our country has ever been in (sadly, one against our own sons and daughters) for the last 40-plus years while spending over a trillion tax dollars and putting more people per capita behind bars than any other country on earth – would not logic, facts, reality and common sense dictate that if we are winning this “war” the need for more resources, funding, prisons, jails, probation, courts as well as the harm being done to our citizens, should all be going down – not up – year after year?

If logic, facts, reality and common sense cannot be used to support and justify this known failure called the “war on drugs” why should we be forced to sacrifice our resources and tax dollars and sadly, our nation’s sons and daughters, to it?

There has to be a better way. Help us find it.

Rusty White,
speaker, LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

6 Responses to “Our tax dollars at work … really?”

  1. Just maybe there is more to this than drugs if these other agencies are involved. Seems a little over kill if that is all it is about! Lets wait and see what else comes out.

  2. Rusty White says:


    Brother you may be 100% correct, but why did they need a “drug bust” to add to this event? Could it be a drug bust makes any and all “automatically” guilty?

    Even at that, how much did the time, meals, over time, fuel , vehicles etc… cost us the tax payers??? We have “real crimes” going unsolved, those that have real victims and violence in them, could not these resourses have been better spent?

    I guess we will just have to wait and see, but “NEVER” will we get a dollar amount as to what this cost the tax payers,will we???

    Waiting to hear what, we the tax payers got for our “HARD EARNED MONEY”! I for one am “DONE” paying to take care of those in jail and their families,when they have “no victims or violence” in thier “supposed” crimes, DONE!!!

  3. Donald Elam says:

    A victimless crime….. Really?

  4. Rusty White says:


    Yep, those that make choice you or I would not, “while harming” no others are “not” criminals, are they? Criminals are those with “victims and violence” in their crimes, right? I believe in letting “free people” live free, and let all be held accountable for their actions that harm others!

    Sadly many of those today have been given an excuse to be thieves, because they harmed no one yet had their lives ruined, FACT! So take away the “excuse” of drugs from “ALL” both the supposed bad guys and good guys, and hold people accountable for their actions that harm others!

    At the very least we should be using our “limited” tax dollars and resources towards “real criminals, should we not? Over 400,000 rape cases are not even getting tested, due to the demand to test for drugs! I would much rather lock away a rapist than a pot head, wouldn’t you???

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!

    Rusty White
    Speaker for: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition , http://www.leap.cc

  5. Tracy Smith says:

    Grounds for appeal. How much will that cost?

  6. Rusty White says:


    Can you please explain your comment, are you talking about all the tax payer money being spent on lawyers and the court cost for appeals? At the very least we the “tax payers” should demand during these hard times our limited resources, courts, jails etc… should all be spent on “real crimes”, should we not?

    Many people mistakenly think I and http://www.leap.cc are supporters of drug abuse, nothing could be farther from the truth. My beliefs in reality actually demand “more” self responsibility and accountability from “ALL”, than our present system does. By taking the “excuse” of drugs away from “BOTH” the supposed bad guys and good guys, we all win! By not giving those that make choices you or I would not “life time” criminal records, they have “NO EXCUSE” for not finding jobs like the rest of us do! Nor can they attempt to “claim justification” for stealing from those that ruined their lives, while having no victims or violence in their supposed crimes!

    The good guys can put their efforts towards real criminals at the same time regaining the trust and respect of “ALL” those they supposedly serve. The courts could “once again” be trusted to be unbiased while delivering “equal justice to all“! No longer would we the tax payers be “forced” to fund this failed policy and the harm it has done to our “Freedoms and Liberties”!

    No longer would we the tax payers be “forced” to pay for those in our jails courts and prisons who have no victims of violence in the their supposed crimes! Nor have to be a part of destroying families as well as taking care of these families!

    No longer would there be “one parent” or “no parent” homes, nor would the grandparents be forced to give up their “golden years” to care for their grandchildren! There would be an end to homes and families being violated with attacks on their homes, many times terrorizing , traumatizing and maiming those of all ages!



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