Open letter to the president, Senate, and Congress

By Eddie R. Dunlap | Published Saturday, October 5, 2013

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American citizens as a whole are relearning many of the rights our founders recognized within the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are endowed by our Creator, not by the government.

Through years of complacency, we the citizens have allowed our government, via unfettered taxation and progressive social spending, to control those rights inherent within our lives, our precious liberties and in most attempts at pursuing happiness. The willful and deliberate abuse of trust given to you by the citizens nears that tyranny and oppression of King George, which compelled our Founders to invoke a Declaration of Independence upon which they pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Every man’s sovereignty over his own domain remains paramount according to the laws of nature and nature’s God. No earthly government is supreme.

Many of you believe you know best how to lead the nation to prosperity; however, we have seen over at least 100 years and in both political parties a total ineptness by government to appropriately manage our welfare or protect our future. Some citizens declare their exasperation, while many of us believe the Founders’ wisdom is still far superior to that claimed by so-called progressively-educated administrators and bureaucrats.

Policies which have guided the United States government since 1910 have indebted the United States Treasury to an unimaginable depth. Politicians would have us believe that unless we raise the debt ceiling, we will be in default on our liabilities. The biggest threat in the government’s default is its failure to recognize its own failed governance.

Republicans declare that unless real spending cuts are realized, they will not fund the government. Democrats respond that a government shutdown will cause voters to blame the GOP at the polls.

Reality declares that unless government makes policy changes to regain the public’s economic trust, government failure is certain. If a government shutdown brings voter wrath to the GOP and the Democrats gain control of Congress, Senate and the presidency, their liberal policies will only accelerate the government’s rate of descent into default. Should Republicans gain control of the Senate and presidency, will they possess the courage to make difficult, yet, desperately needed policy changes to insure true economic prosperity?

Increased progressive taxation of the citizenry, of businesses, and of corporations will not repair the economy. Only policies that substantially decrease private, small business and corporate taxation can stimulate private citizens, small businesses and corporations to initiate real economic growth that can sustain the spending of a more intelligent government – one that integrates fiscal and social restraint while acting only on enumerated powers as bestowed by the original Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“We the People” and our sovereign states have the ability to make the needed changes. I pray that federal politicians will soon recognize citizens’ rights as guaranteed by the founding documents and not continue with petty blame games and biased political rhetoric. Perhaps a government shutdown will reveal the ugly truth about what “the Government” of the United States has become. The people are stronger than the government!

Eddie R. Dunlap CRNA, DNP

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