Oaklawn needs more care, less spraying

By Leisa Waylett | Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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There has to be a better way to maintain Oaklawn Cemetery. I was shocked and disheartened beyond words to see the complete disregard for the appearance of the place. Using weed/grass killer as a way to keep trimming down might be fine for the yard of whomever made the decision to ruin the beauty of the cemetery by killing huge amounts of grass around every lot and many of the huge old oak trees, but it is absolutely not acceptable for the cemetery!

I truly do not know what entity to blame for this, be it the city council or the cemetery board, but I ask that the decision be rescinded and never repeated again. That spray will eventually kill those huge old trees – but even before that, the spray leaves the cemetery looking absolutely horrid! The weed killer has killed huge areas of grass in plots, and there is even spray that encircles many of the trees that make those resting places more peaceful. I encourage citizens of Decatur and anyone who has loved ones resting there to please let your voice be heard.

Is this a case of lazy maintenance, or is it a problem of not enough hands on deck? If it takes hiring more than one maintenance company to keep that hallowed ground groomed correctly, then hire more than one company. If funds are needed, then simply ask for donations to help keep the grounds groomed. I feel certain the community members will contribute as long as we can see our dollars are keeping the grounds as beautiful as they are meant to be.

I hope never to return there to see such a sad and dead-looking place again!

Leisa Waylett

2 Responses to “Oaklawn needs more care, less spraying”

  1. Tammy Stone says:

    Great message Leisa!

  2. If I were still a resident of Decatur, I would personally make it my goal to ensure every single member of the City Council be replaced at the next election. The blame is usually placed on their scape goat, the Cemetery Board. While they are to blame for the actual maintenance and act of killing the grass, the ultimate responsibility lies on the City Council.

    The cemetery is absolutely disgusting. I am thankful my mom and dad chose to break family tradition and be buried at Pleasant Grove. You would think with city funds, the city cemetery would at least be as well groomed as the small country one. They seem to be uncaring of the appearance, their only concern getting by with whatever gets rid of the weeds short of just killing everything. Now if there is another problem that we don’t know about, or a valid reason, then communicate that to the public. They all have failed us, and should be replaced.


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