Loss of ag exemption disputed

By Pat and Dan Frank | Published Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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In this day and age, it seems that if the small farmer is told “no” enough they just quit fighting – which is exactly what the “ruling” people want. We chose not to give up.

We are fighting to get back our agricultural exemption and don’t understand how a few people can say that after 14 years we are not “normal” for Wise County. We suffered through the drought like the big farmers/corporations, had our hay burned but did not ask for handouts. We worked our land, clearing it, fencing it, digging a stock pond, fertilizing, haying, raising cattle.

Yes we only have five acres – that was all we could afford and there wasn’t any issue with that back when we bought it. Now, we are told because our house sits on 3/4 of that 5 acres we no longer qualify.

Are we supposed to live in the cattle shed? This land has always been agricultural – we had to prove that when we got it. Why not now? Why is it OK to let a few people say what you did was not good enough now, that even though you aren’t a weekend farmer, even though you have proven with pictures that you have hay and cattle, it’s still not good enough?

Instead let us destroy your American dream of owning your own land, your own farm, having hay and raising your cattle. Let us take your dreams and goals that you worked so hard for, that you put all your money into, your heart and soul, let us take them away because we can.

Is this right? Is this fair? Is this the way it should be? Is there anyone that can help? We should be grandfathered in. We should be allowed to get our exemption back because we have proven that we are that little farmer working hard to continue our dreams. We were granted this exemption 14 years ago but now have been told, too bad, not good enough, our authority gives us the right to take all that away. Where is the justice in this?

Pat and Dan Frank

2 Responses to “Loss of ag exemption disputed”

  1. Another example of the government doing what ever they want and taxing us to death.

  2. says:

    I agree if they are going to change the rules in mid stream, those of us that have fought to get the ag exemption and it is a fight we should be grandfathered in. We have also had our exemtion for 10 years and we have followed the rules and done what we had to do to keep it and it is not right to have it ripped from us.

    Alton and Gale Young


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