Let gun, ammo buyers pay sales taxes

By Tracy Smith | Published Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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On Feb 25, HB 1533, the Texas Gun Ownership Reinforcement Act, was introduced into the House Ways and Means Committee. The bill, co-sponsored by our state representative, Phil King, would establish Texas Independence Day (March 2) as a tax-free holiday, exempting an individual’s purchase of firearms and hunting supplies in the state of Texas from sales taxes.

Shame on you, Mr. King.

Gun purchases and hunting equipment are luxury items, bought by those who can afford to pay sales tax. State lawmakers such as Phil King say we can’t afford to educate our children, therefore revenue to meet these statutory requirements is needed way more than another tax incentive for those who can afford it.

What’s next, tax-free holidays on luxury automobiles, caviar and fine cigars? Let’s also not forget that unregulated, private gun sales are already tax-free.

Tracy Smith

22 Responses to “Let gun, ammo buyers pay sales taxes”

  1. Johnna Sweet says:

    Not every gun purchase is a luxury item. Many law enforcement agencies require their officers to purchase their own weapons and ammunition.

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    This is true Johnna, but the IRS allows these peace officers deductions from their Federal Income Tax for their purchases such as
    -union dues

    -cleaning expenses for uniforms

    -equipment purchased for work (which would include Firearms and Ammo)

    mileage on their personal vehicle to go to training or special assignment, that they are not reimbursed by the department for.

    Any training or classes that they took that is law enforcement related which the department did not pay for.

    Uniform/duty belt items, and other law enforcement equipment to help them do their jobs.

    Dry Cleaning if they have to pay for it themselves.

    -any hours worked that you aren’t payed for- reports, being out there 15 minutes and not getting OT. Charge it as OT.
    -all registration plate fees are deductible.
    -any work you do at home or on your own time- at OT rate.
    -haircuts and grooming only if your dept policy requires it.
    -car washes that they don’t get reimbursed for.
    -any anti-static spray, so long as you use it on your uniforms.
    -any cleaning supplies you buy to use at work.
    -pens, pencils, keys for work.
    -note pads for work.
    -claim all their mileage to court, if the department doesn’t let them take a dept. vehicle.

    So, Not a viable Argument IMHO

  3. Fair enough Johanna, but that accounts for a smidgen of purchases among how many thousands of other weapons that fly off the shelf? What’s more, cops should be able to write off the whole thing on their taxes as a work-related expense, never mind the slice for sales.

    What I want to see is how some will see opposing a tax holiday as an infringement on the Second, or worse, somehow fitting their paranoid fantasy of a Marxist takeover…

  4. Tracy Smith says:

    Or the fact that paying a tax at all is an infringement of the 2nd. 😉

  5. Andrew Wynn says:

    “What I want to see is how some will see opposing a tax holiday as an infringement on the Second, or worse, somehow fitting their paranoid fantasy of a Marxist takeover…”

    Wow. The liberal penchant for projecting one’s own faults and shortcomings onto others never ceases to amaze me.

    Do you really believe there is no concerted effort being conducted by the socialist/marxist/progressive set to “fundamentally transform” the nation? Are you a dedicated “fellow traveler” or just a pathetically naive product of the education system? Are you a perpetrator of of the technique of filling the air with lies long enough that others come to believe them, or are you just a victim of it?

    In recent responses to these letters to the editor you made completely ridiculous assertions such as Christian opposition to recognition of gay “marriage” being equivalent to a desire to control the behavior of others. I think THAT suggests paranoia. I am sure I could dig up more examples if I wanted to do so.

    The inability to connect with reality is an indicator of psychosis. I am not sure whether the refusal to perceive reality is the same, but both result in a psychotic state, don’t they? As often said, liberalism is a mental illness. As being practiced on the national level these days, liberalism is INDEED a refusal to recognize and deal with reality.

    Hmmm…paranoid? Not sure, but progressivism/liberalism most certainly is psychotic in nature. Therefore it IS a mental illness.

  6. Indeed, Andrew, because hurricanes really are caused by gay marriage.

  7. Andrew Wynn says:

    Strike two! Do try and be more clever than that.

  8. El Pulpo says:

    Andrew Wynn, I really enjoy reading your comments. Keep them coming! I used to spend time writing rebuttals against the atheists and the liberals but for some strange reason, they would always be “awaiting moderation” and would never be posted. Ah, what a shame!

  9. Oh no Comrade Tracy!

    Andrew, Pulpo, and zee capitalist pigs are onto us! I’m not sure zee government Abrams tanks and fighter jets are a match for their AR-15’s!

  10. Johnna Sweet says:

    I wasn’t arguing anything. I was pointing out the obvious, simply stating that not all gun purchases are luxury items. I do thank you for the lesson in tax deductions, though. If we ever have to buy note pads, we’ll be sure and keep the receipt.

  11. El Pulpo says:

    Angelou, don’t even start with me. If you are so much against capitalism, why is it that you worked at Pizza Hut in Bridgeport? You need capitalists to eat. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

  12. WTG El Pulpo!

    I have to ask you Tracy, did you support Cash for Clunkers? Do support the open tax free holiday for school supplies? How many of the people that take advantage of that are actually purchasing school supplies, and how many actually need the help?

    Here’s a bit of economy 101 for ya. A tax free holiday on anything will boost sales. A boost in sales will increase the profits of the manufacturers of ammo, guns, sales, etc. That increase in revenue will create more tax revenue than it will ever cost on the front end. Let me guess…you also oppose gun ownership I bet. Is that the underlying issue here? Really? Would you be complaining if it was a tax free holiday on, say, going out to a nice restaurant?

  13. Tracy Smith says:

    Mr. Octopus,

    Why are you trying to degrade a Working College Student?

  14. Is sarcasm that lost on you, pulpo?

  15. The thing that gets me about the proposition, though, is how in a time when Republicans are trumpeting on about what dire financial straits government is in, they’re proposing a tax holiday on any non-necessity purchase.

    Given how guns are selling nowadays and the sales tax to be gained from each one, one would think that’s revenue that we could ill afford to lose. Unless of course, these Republicans are either blatantly lying, woefully incompetent, or completely in the NRA’s pocket.

    Probably all three.

  16. Angelou, the Texas government is “not” in dire fanancial straits. The Federal Government i almost beyond fixing. Maybe you should trumpet our good government to the rest of the nation instead of whining about a pretty solid Texas economy, despite the idiots in Washington.

  17. El Pulpo says:

    Tracy, I am not trying to degrade anyone. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy. I too used to be a working college student. I know what it’s like to be a full-time student and a full-time employee and I have much respect for those who have been able to pull it off.

  18. Tracy Smith says:

    Economy 101 for you. The product market for gun sales or luxury items related to hunting and fishing are not considered a renewable resource meant to generate a recurring revenue of sales tax for local or state government. With that said, the initial sale of a luxury item that has a smaller market than those persons who have a need to cloth themselves for work or school and buy supplies related to that necessity, will likely draw the most revenue for local and state government at the initial purchase. Bare in mind, the holiday is meant to be annual according to this State house bill. Goods for a sales tax holiday for back to school items are purchased throughout the year and are classified as a renewable resource. Independent and bipartisan Tax Studies have found that:
    • Sales tax holidays do not promote economic growth or significantly increase consumer purchases; the evidence shows that they simply shift the timing of purchases. Some retailers raise prices during the holiday, reducing consumer savings.
    • Sales tax holidays create complexities for tax code compliance, efficient labor allocation, and inventory management. However, free advertising for what is effectively a paltry 4 to 7 percent sales increases leads many larger businesses to lobby for tax free holidays.
    • Most sales tax holidays involve politicians picking products and industries to favor with exemptions, arbitrarily discriminating between products that are meant to distort consumer decisions.
    • While sales taxes are somewhat regressive, this is often exaggerated to sell the idea that sales tax holidays are an effective way of providing relief to the poor and to give a small amount of tax savings to low-income individuals, however these holidays give a large amount to others who are able to afford larger purchases. Therefore, the Poor, whom are in need of the discount the most usually are unable to benefit at all or very little.
    • Political gimmicks like sales tax holidays distract policymakers and taxpayers from genuine, permanent tax relief. If a state must offer a “holiday” from its tax system, it is a sign that the state’s tax system is not competitive. If policymakers want to save money for consumers, then they should cut the sales tax rate year-round, but it’s all about the corporate profits and trickle down propaganda here in Texas isn’t it? 😉

    In conclusion, I tend to feel that the state should be enjoying the current influx of Sales tax revenue from those “Gun Hoarders” whom are afraid of a non-existent regulation, so why would they want to cut the revenue that help SUPPORT AND MAINTAIN Texas’ SYSTEM OF PUBLIC FREE SCHOOLS that allows for a general diffusion of knowledge that is considered essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people, ans since it’s the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools that thwarting anything that would prevent them from doing that job would be unconstitutional and quite illegal wouldn’t you agree? ;)~

  19. Tracy Smith says:

    …and yes you were Mr. Octopus. When mental or physical abuse occurs, the perp is usually regretful and sorry for hurting the victim (which is a good thing) however, those who make an excuse or justify the act usually will do it again, indicating they really aren’t sorry at all. I am appalled that a honest, hard working college student who also happens to be a veteran would be treated like that. But then again, the popular attitude is let them eat cake here in Wise County.

  20. I don’t consider my guns a “luxury”. I consider them a necessity, not a nicety. It is a basic constitutional RESPONSIBILITY for me to protect myself and my family. If I don’t protect them, nobody will, or can. Case law and logistics prevents the police from protecting me. So tell me again, why shouldn’t I enjoy a tax break on them one day a year?

  21. Tracy Smith says:

    Mr. Brandon,
    Please refer to Above Bullet Points.

  22. They complain about the services they receive then want tax free holidays. These people could not draw a straight line with ruler between 2 points on a 8 by 10 inch piece of paper.


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