Law on immigration is clear

By | Published Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Several days were required for my initial reaction to mellow before responding to Kristen Ford’s “United We Dream” guest editorial (“Republicans should go all-in on immigration reform,” Messenger, July 27, 2013).

I understand her bias and that of her immigrant youth network. Why should she be held responsible for her parent’s civil disobedience? Why should Attorney General Holder hold me responsible for the history of my parents and grandparents?

DREAMers, or their parents, are not necessarily bad people; unfortunately their parents violated established civil law. In a nation of laws, how can law be maintained if it is considered insignificant or unworthy of enforcement?

There are mechanisms, not unlike other nations, which allow for legal immigration. Those parents who violated the civil laws of the United States should be remanded to their home of origin and make application for legal immigration. Call the separation probation for their civil disobedience. Undoubtedly, the minimum wage workforce would be reduced greatly while free-market principles would drive up those wages beyond the currently established minimum wage.

Minimum wage is a fa ade established to maintain lower-level workers under the “working poor” or “second-class status” label indentured to an entitlement-laden Democrat Party.

And by the way, civil disobedience is against the law. Continued or prolonged civil fraud by utilization of taxpayer-funded social services aggravates the situation. To serve as a juror, one must be able to read and write the English language. Have you ever heard of acclimation? A requirement to have election ballots printed in Spanish is an insult.

And who cares about the Hispanic vote? If I am a candidate, I want the American vote!

Lastly, when you deride the likes of Rep. Sam Johnson (Col. Sam Johnson, a prisoner of war for seven years in the Hanoi Hilton, most in solitary confinement) as a game to impede citizenship reality for aspiring Americans, you have really lost me. This man, and many like him have sacrificed more than you can even imagine, serving a government supposedly of, by, and for the people.

Our government of laws is not always perfect (current administration as proof) but if it is not desirable, then why are so many ignoring the law to get here? Go figure!

Eddie R. Dunlap

One Response to “Law on immigration is clear”

  1. Rusty White says:


    While I to agree with some of your thoughts, you might want to do the “math”! By claiming you don’t care about the fastest “legally born” growing block of voters, means giving up on any hopes of wining “any elections” in the future. I too want our people to be American first while putting our nation and it’s people “as a whole” before anything else! This includes putting our nation and it‘s people before any “political parties” and self serving beliefs and agendas, as well!

    “”ANY”” party or person thinking they can continue to ignore simple math and the realities we live in and with, are doomed to failure, are they not? Those who have been the “ruling majority” for so long, will now enjoy or suffer for how they have treated the minorities of these cities, counties, states and country, and rightfully so!

    Any party trying to hide or silence the past while putting on a known “fake mask” while “speaking with a forked tongue“ , while attempting to put “roadblocks” in place to keep minorities from voting, will only prolong the accountability, will it not?

    I too believe one who lives in this country should learn it’s language and “ALL” should put this country “before” their own beliefs and agendas, OR GET OUT!!! Even the American Indians, that those before us cheated and slaughtered while stealing this country , were smart enough to figure out if they wanted to survive, they had to learn the language. Why are those of today so ignorant as to this truth, if your not American first, before “”any”” race, party or supposed faith, leave and take all your kind with you, PERIOD!!!

    Strange how things go full circle in life, my ancestors have been having a problem with “illegal immigration” every sense the Mayflower, GO FIGURE!!! We “”ALL”” had better hope these new “invaders” don’t use the same methods while following the same path as the “First Ones “, who stole this country did, FACT!



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