Hoping for justice for drunk driver

By Linda Goodwin | Published Saturday, December 21, 2013

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I was just reading the story in this week’s paper about the young man who ran over and killed four people. After being caught on camera stealing beer and then tested having three times the allowed limit of alcohol in his system, he received 10 years probation from District Judge Jean Boyd.

The reason for such a light sentence was “affluenza” – a “disease” attributed to being brought up to feel no responsibility for his actions.

What an insult to those families who lost loved ones, and a crippling encouragement to that young man who will never be allowed to learn from his mistakes. It is indeed a sad place we have come to in our society, and I would hope that someone will pursue this further to see that justice is done.

Linda Goodwin

One Response to “Hoping for justice for drunk driver”

  1. Rusty White says:


    The only good thing that came out of this mess, is people can not deny the “double standards” our once equal and fair justice system has been manipulated in to! Sadly those without money get the maximum or at best “are forced” to accept a “one sided” plea agreement! Those with money can buy as much “supposed” justice as they can afford, or at the least bargain for a supposed fair plea agreement!

    What bothers me more is all those wanting “more” vengeance upon this idiot, instead of being angry at the unfair legal system. Due to this young mans track record their is little doubt he will pay later in life which many are hoping for, which goes against the very meaning of this time of year, does it not?

    Where is the anger and out cry for our citizens Constitutional and Civil rights being violated solely for a “minorities” self serving agendas? Where is the anger for the families being harmed in the name of these “minority” agendas and their “illegal influence” on our public servants and law makers? How come there are never any stories about the families that lose their freedoms,rent money, food money, vehicles, children’s x-mass money and jobs because of this “witch hunt”?

    I am all for accountability and responsibility for ones actions, “BUT” fair and unbiased are no longer the principles in our laws and enforcement, FACT! Zero tolerance, mandatory minimums and no refusal go against faith and it’s teaching as well and the reasons those before us sacrificed, do they not? I invite everyone to visit http://www.getmadd.com and see the “other side” of the truth!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all, and please even though it “IS” legal by our laws to drink and then drive unlike the LIES being told, KNOW YOUR LIMIT!!! For our public servants I would ask that you remember your “OATH” to support and enforce the LAWS of our state, “NOT” any “minorities” self serving agendas or your own biased beliefs! What makes the “god guys” different from the “bad guys”, is those that obey the laws, PERIOD!


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