Heartbroken over loss of dog

By Michele Mann | Published Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Losing Lola (my loving dachshund) at a Decatur veterinarian clinic was a heartbreaking and helpless experience. Before the day Lola passed away, I took her to a vet that did not have diagnostic equipment. Lola was nauseated, and the vet did not run any tests on her but gave her pills, for nausea and for pain. I took her home and gave her the pills and it seemed she was somewhat better before I put her in her dog bed for the night. When I got up the next morning, I checked on Lola. She could not get up and was violently ill.

I scooped her up and took her to another local veterinary clinic that had equipment to help her. When I arrived, I told the receptionist she was very ill, and she coldly told me to sit down and put my dog on the waiting list. I held Lola for two hours in the waiting room before I got to an exam room.

Lola was so sick, and the young veterinarian said nothing could be done to save my dog. I walked to the restroom to collect myself because I was very upset. It was then that I heard someone in the hallway chuckling. I went back to exam room where Lola was so sick that the only solution was to put her down. The young man who helped me was nice and respectful, but I couldn’t understand how another employee just walked out, chuckling.

I left a message for her to call me back the following Monday. Instead, the clinic owner called me and defended her. I asked him to have her call me, and he reluctantly said OK, but I never heard from her.

I find these days that it is getting harder to find a person who has character, integrity and respect for other people. Pets are part of the household to most of us, and to have someone find any part of a dying pet’s last moments humorous is terrible. It certainly will be a sad memory for me.

Michele Mann

6 Responses to “Heartbroken over loss of dog”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Sorry for your lose,

    I think more of animals than I do people, just maybe the laugh you heard had nothing to do with your situation? Still doesn’t help but if this person was that thoughtless “karma” will take care of it!

  2. That is very shocking. I wish you could tell us who the vet was, but I suppose they would sue you. Can’t believe you had to sit there two hours. I am so sorry for your loss of Lola. May the happiest memories of Lola comfort you in your grief.

  3. Jim Popp says:


    So sorry to hear of this experience and our sympathies go out to you for your loss. Remember though, you’ll see Lola again at the Rainbow Bridge and she’ll be waiting for you there.

  4. I am so sorry they treated you that way. That is unexcusable. They need to be in a different profession if they dont understand the love of a pet. so sorry for the loss of your precious Lola.

  5. El Pulpo says:

    That is terrible. Sorry about your experience. I take comfort in thinking that perhaps the employee was laughing about something else and not your dog. About a year ago, my daughter wanted a pet fish for her birthday so I bought her one. It is very delicate work taking care of a fish (you have to use distilled water, the water temperature cannot be too hot or too cold, you can’t give them too much food or too little food, you can’t wash the aquarium or fish bowl using soapy water…etc). The fish died in about two days and my daughter was sad. I had to explain to her that death is a part of life and the whole bit. I also told her that it is a very sobering way to look at it but whenever you adopt a pet, you have to expect that you will love the animal and it will become a part of your family, but one day it will be gone. Even so, there is no reason for an animal lover to go through an experience such as yours.

  6. Cindy Berry says:

    I am sad for you. My experiences with the two vets I’ve used in Decatur have been good. I hope your future experiences are better.
    Miss you!


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