Expect more of public officials

By David Stewart | Published Saturday, September 28, 2013

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It is a real shame that an elected official can be let off with just a slap on the wrist when he steals from the taxpayers that put him in the office. The taxpayers expect more from them.

How could the DA let this go with just a Class B misdemeanor? That was a slap to the face of the taxpayers and spit in the eyes of all the good men who work out of the county barn in Bridgeport.

We expect more from our prosecutors and better of our commissioners.

Terry Ross got off lucky. It cost more than $500 to build that playhouse.

David Stewart
Runaway Bay

4 Responses to “Expect more of public officials”

  1. Rusty White says:


    Every tax payer in Wise County should remember these “double standards” come election time and the next bond requests! These event as of late should have us all demanding “term limits” of all our supposed public representatives, PERIOD!

    Sadly politics is the only profession that the longer one stays in office the worse they get, a sad truth. They become so full of themselves that they don’t even see a problem with their self serving agendas nor sole allegiance to ”only” their supporters, much less accepting gifts, perks or doling out “favors”, to be paid back at a later time! There in causing the problems we have today, nobody knows how much “dirt” each has on the others!

    This sad “dog and pony” show, told all of us, “some” are entitled to double standards, and the rest of us need to just shut up and accept it!

    This County has a “documented” history of manipulating and cohering citizens in to taking what ever “plea agreement” is forced upon them, FACT! If one refuses and demands their day in court, they are threatened with the maximum for doings so! These threats are not false, as many of the court records show, as well as your public officials “openly brag” about their disgusting acts after abusing a citizen, in articles in the WCM, FACT!

    Even with all these events “some” still claim they can’t understand why our citizens have lost””ALL”” respect, trust and faith in our “supposed” fair and equal justice system and those that make a living off of it, REALLY????


  2. Skip Nichols says:

    Mr. Stewart and Mr. White are certainly right on target.

  3. Rusty White says:


    Thank you for the honesty!! Those in office will “never” give up their gravey train, FACT! But we as voters can make sure “”NONE” do more than two terms, FACT!

    It is up to us, GAME!!!

  4. Terri Watts says:

    The Update stated that County Attorney James Stainton filed an ammended petition to remove Terry Ross from office. What others may not know is that Terry Ross demanded reinstatement with back pay and lawyer expenses. As far as I am concerned, Terry Ross has NO RIGHT to demand anything from the taxpayers of this county. He abused his authority and his position. Every single taxpayer in this county should demand that he be removed from office and barred from ever service in a public trust position ever again.


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