Even ‘bad days’ hold blessings

By Irene Wilson | Published Saturday, June 8, 2013

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It starts off a regular, ordinary day. Up early, breakfast, I get ready for work. Hint of sun, soon swallowed by gray clouds followed by a shower. Work was OK, tasks accomplished, and I left early for appointments.

First stop … a mammogram (I can say that here, can’t I?). Definitely not fun and the tech lady loves her job – and a funny statement from her: “Now, hold still!” … and I’m thinking, “Like I can move?”

Second stop … dentist for a routine cleaning by the hygienist. She is very thorough, finishes and the dentist comes in. He examines. “Hmmmm,” he says. He does some tests. “Hmmmm,” he says, “I really believe we need to do a couple implants. But first you need a bone graft.” Oh joy, I’m thinking. They evaluate and prognosticate … it will cost about $10,000. Now I know the tooth fairy didn’t leave that kind of money when I lost those teeth. Inflation is really out of hand.

Third stop … knee doctor. My surgery knee has a knot. Exam and x-rays say water on the knee. A gargantuan needle with cortisone and several shots later he says, “That should feel better.” No jogging for now, and I have to ride a recumbent bike three times a week. I hate indoor exercise!

All appointments over and I go to the shoe store. They are out of the tennis shoes I like, and the lady convinces me to try another pair. “Take them home and wear them around on the carpet,” she says, “If you don’t like them bring them back.” (I didn’t really like them in the store, so why did I leave with them?).

On to Target to get my favorite yogurt, Yoplait Light Triple Berry Torte. Target is the only place in Denton selling it. There’s none on the shelf. I summon help. I explain my dilemma to the stocker, and he explains right back that it’s been discontinued. I want to kick and fit, but I hold it in.

And just this past week, I disappointed some folks without even realizing it.

I take a walk to think about all this and put it in perspective. I stand under the cottonwood tree and watch the leaves dance on the end of the twigs. High in the top of the tree is a red bird, singing his heart out. I watch him, and he looks right down at me. He hops over a couple of limbs and I think how graceful he is … when all of a sudden, he poops about two inches from my shoes and then indignantly flies off (yes, he knew!).

What do I make of all this? Some days just aren’t great, but preventive medicine is good, I still have teeth, and I can walk on two legs. I will take back the shoes and say NO. Maybe I’ll learn to like Yoplait Light Strawberry Cheesecake … and I pray time heals wounds caused when I didn’t even know it.

As for the bird, maybe he’d had a bad day too … hung his wing on a barbwire fence, had his nest blown about by the wind and rain, the Mrs. hounding him he better get hopping with dinner and not the same old worm.

The Psalmist says, “Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things!” The bird and I need to get singing! God is good even when days are not.

Irene Wilson

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