Birthday wishes all around

By Irene Wilson | Published Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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I was invited to two birthday parties Sunday. One was in Decatur and one in Dallas. I wanted to attend both, but could only make one of the observances. Similarities in the festivities were birthday cakes and laughter while making and recounting memories. But there was a difference.

The party in Dallas was for a 2-year-old little boy … surrounded by doting parents, family and friends. Bounce houses, happy-go-lucky kids running and playing in the park, complete with sunshine and blue skies.

The commemoration in Decatur was for my 80-year-old Aunt Virginia … she too was surrounded by family and friends. A bit more calm, there were tables covered in linen, live music provided by Josh McDaniel of Chico and adults hugging and visiting … complete with sunshine and blue skies.

Both were celebrations of life. And here was my birthday wish for both. I wished for Joseph to enjoy his 80th birthday surrounded by family and friends. And I wished for my Aunt Virginia to stay young at heart (carefree as Joseph) all the days of her life.

Actually, I wish that for us all!

Irene Wilson

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