Big business of government will sustain itself

By Nathan Horner | Published Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Soap box time: Here is my take on the federal government.

It is a big business and like all big businesses, it wants to grow itself. It grows itself by making laws and regulations to keep “We The People” in check.

The more laws and regulations it can create to keep “We The People” in check, the more laws and regulations “We The People” may break to grow their business by creating more fines, fees, jails, probation officers, cops, courts and lawyers to enforce the laws and regulations on “We The People.”

The government tells the states they don’t want to get involved in their business. They tell them to let “We The People” decide what is best for each state. But when “We The People” in each state vote to change laws – whether they be immigration laws, gun rights, gay rights, pot legalization or whatever – the government steps in and says, “Hey wait! You are hurting our business, and it is against federal law, so we are going to decide what is best.”

So they are going to enforce the federal laws “We The People” voted against. The federal government will fine “We The People” or lock you up so you can fund their big business.

I wish “We The People” could shut the government down and just start over. It has gotten way out of hand. Common sense and justice are no longer in its vocabulary. The opinion of “We The People” does not matter anymore.

Nathan Horner

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