An immigrant’s view

By Rachel E. Gasperson | Published Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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6 Responses to “An immigrant’s view”

  1. Jim Popp says:


    This was a very good, honest and truthful letter, from someone who knows first hand. I guess you hit on a point that has many “born Americans” upset over this whole issue. We have always been a giving country that welcomed immigrants from all over the world, but since when do any of these immigrants have the right to demand anything from the American citizens beyond the opportunity to eventually become a citizen as the law now allows? I can only speak for myself, and I’ll give anyone a helping hand, but don’t start taking advantage of that helping hand and then start demanding anything, telling me that I owe it to you! I owe you nothing, as I was owed nothing, but made my way by following the law and hard work. You’ve laid it our beautifully Rachel and I thank you for those honest and forthright thoughts and statements.

  2. Paul Howard says:

    Thank you, Rachel!

  3. Margie Loyd says:

    You expressed my thoughts so well. Thank you.

  4. Very well put Rachel….It really Gauls me when people come over here from other countries and want to change it to what it was from where they came from.It makes no sense to me at all. Most expect we the tax payers to furnish them with education and medical needs. I am proud and lucky to say that in my 59 yrs,I have never been on welfare and never had to receive unemployment. If I am able to work, I will make ends meet for myself and not grow dependent on the Government to provide for me like we do other countries that hate us.

  5. Well said Mrs. Gasperson. And you alone had such a positive impact on so many who graced the doors of DHS for all those years. I am proud to call you a fellow American. I’m sure you and your family got here as quickly as possible. :-)

    -Craig Brandon

  6. I am not an immigrant but I am proud of my Mexican heritage. My father was once an immigrant but has since then become a resident. He has not mastered the English language but that has not stopped him from appreciating the opportunities he has received from this great Nation. He has been able to provide for his family very well. I feel that “flying their flags” and “speaking their language” doesn’t single a person out as “hating our Country.” It is not easy for everyone to learn the language, especially if you have a family to support. Of course there are those that do not pay taxes and that do not follow laws but I know that isn’t only immigrants. Americans also abuse the system, break laws and do not work. A few does not define all. Just like there are issues with immigrants there are issues with Americans.


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