Accuracy needed on DISD tech efforts

By Troy Bagwell | Published Saturday, May 11, 2013

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I would like to address a few inaccuracies in Dr. Sara Hurst’s May 8 letter to the editor “Questions school district’s priorities.”

Regarding the Decatur ISD board of trustees approving $500,000 for iPads: The board did not approve a purchase of any technology during its March 2013 meeting. It did approve a district technology plan that outlines the coming year’s technology priorities. The plan was approved by unanimous consent without discussion.

Regarding complaints of the lack of infrastructure and bandwidth in the district: Over the past few years we have made significant improvement in our infrastructure while adjusting to a dramatic increase in technology for students across the district. The infrastructure requires further upgrades and improvements but those cannot happen until the central administration staff relocates to the 1939 former high school building that is currently being renovated.

Regarding construction of a new administration building: The district is not building a new administration building. It is renovating and preserving an existing building that many in Decatur hold dear to their hearts. Once the renovation is complete it will allow for technology infrastructure upgrades.

Regarding no major growth to the area in the next 20 years: I will not speak to enrollment growth, however I will speak about changing technology. The rapid advances in technology over the past five years have resulted in a great need for a very stable and powerful technology infrastructure. The district infrastructure needs a stable and permanent location which is planned for the current administration building.

As a Decatur ISD taxpayer, parent and employee, I have a keen interest in making this district the best it can be for all students. I strive to do my job as a good steward of the resources my fellow taxpayers provide. I strive to help teachers and staff be more successful at their jobs so they can strive to continue to have a positive impact on not only your children, but my children as well.

Please recognize there are many complex and technical factors that are hard to address in a short letter to the editor that contribute to technology decisions made by any school district. If you have any questions regarding technology in Decatur ISD, please feel free to call me at 940-393-7150.

Troy Bagwell
Director of Technology,
Decatur ISD

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