Accountability still needed on immigration

By Lydia Moreno | Published Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Though Kristen Tribe’s reporting on the illegal immigrants’ stories in “Out of the Shadows” (Messenger, April 20) is touching, I think she and the women in this story are forgetting one key, important point. No one is acknowledging that immigration laws were willingly broken, and as a result, there is an accountability issue.

There is a reason these immigrants weren’t able to obtain a driver’s license or do things other citizens do. They or their parents knowingly broke our nation’s laws to come to this country and did not go through the proper channels to become citizens.

United States citizens should have special rights. It’s not that our country is cruel or discriminating against people by not letting them have the same rights as citizens. It is simply that our nation’s laws were created for a reason. Laws are meant to be followed, not willingly ignored for a certain circumstance. And we should never reward anyone for knowingly breaking the law, no matter what the reason is.

I understand that these immigrants desired a better life. I get that. In fact, I have lived that. I was born in Spain. My parents, myself and my three siblings came to the United States in 1997, when I was 12. However, my parents did it legally.

They didn’t break or ignore the law to arrive here. They didn’t cheat the system or try and jump ahead of all those immigrants who attempted to obtain citizenship legally. Instead, my parents spent every last dime they had to get our legal status. Furthermore, we waited and waited and waited some more until our documentation was legal. It was difficult and expensive, but my parents followed the laws and did it the right way.

So, I have a different perspective on illegal immigration. I don’t believe that someone who comes to this country illegally and stays in the United States illegally should ever be unhappy or complain about their circumstances. There is always a consequence for breaking the law.

Though we may sympathize with why the immigrant wanted to come to the United States, I don’t think sympathizing with committing a crime is setting a good example.

When the media makes the illegal immigrant out to be the victim, you are frustrating and discouraging all those immigrants who are submitting their paperwork and waiting patiently to receive legal status.

Keep in mind, most of the immigrants who have applied for legal status and are currently waiting are also from impoverished and dangerous countries. Yet they wait for our government to grant them legal status instead of deciding they don’t want to wait in line, complete their paperwork and pay the fees.

Most of them are living in harsh situations, in war-torn impoverished countries. But they continue to wait because they have respect for the law and our nation. Many tend to forget that point.

Lydia Moreno

18 Responses to “Accountability still needed on immigration”

  1. Andrew Wynn says:

    Very well said, Ms. Moreno. I couldn’t agree more with your assertion that those who break laws should not be rewarded for doing so. I would further add that this push for amnesty amounts to nothing less than an attempt by the progressive/liberal/socialist/statists to swamp the conservative vote, thereby essentially and effectively DISENFRANCHISING LAW ABIDING CITIZENS while coddling law breakers.

  2. Rusty White says:


    Thank you and your family for doing it right, job well done, and WELCOME! This is not a left or right issue “BOTH” sides are using these people for their own agendas. The right and the left want cheap labor, which in turn drives down their cost and increases their profits, sadly at the cost of the American workers and their families.

    This problem could have been fixed years ago, if our laws were enforced, for over “40 years” their have been a 10,000 dollar fine for each illegal hired!

    If these people and their families could not get jobs or benefits they would not have any desire or reason to come, problem solved! Until we hold those that hire this cheap labor accountable no walls or laws will stop this from happening, period!

    No one really knows how many crooked employers hire these people and then take out all the taxes “every week”, and just keep it! The workers are not going to turn them in or complain and lose their job and be deported, are they? So in my book those that hire these people are “just” as guilty as the illegals, are they not?

    I say illegals are not the only problem, those that hire the maids, lawn care, farm hands, day labors to construction workers create the reasons they come! Which in my book make those that hire them more guilty, and there is no limit to the GREED IN “BOTH” PARTIES, FACT!

    My ancestors have had a problem with “illegal immigration” every sense the Mayflower, what goes around comes around!!!


  3. Why should we ever complain about “Modern Slavery”. It builds our houses, our roads, picks our vegetables and fruits make our clothes in sweat shops that make the masters of the 1860’s proud. Allows human exploitation on a massive scale. Keeps 12 million people in the shadows. Yes, it is a problem, but when I see a group of men and women standing on a street corner and contractor rides up and hires a “day” worker, it does not help the problem it just allows it to proliferate. Many of these people have been here so long that they know nothing of their home. And the children of these illegals, born in this country, they are American Citizens with all the rights and privileges of that citizenship. The true lawbreakers are the people who exploit these people, they are just trying to survive. Are you prepared to spends billions of tax dollars to round up all these people, destroy families, and like Nazi Germany perform the greatest forced deportation in the history of the world.
    We got better things to in this county then that

  4. Diane Hughes says:

    Perhaps we are sending our neighbors mixed signals. We call them illegal immigrates who we are not to hire leaving them unable to provide for their families, while some receive government assistance that legal citizens can not get.

    What we need in Washington is something called good ole common sense. If our neighbors from Mexico have lived here as law abiding citizens,they should have the opportunity to pay taxes and contribute to our country. Many are thankful to take jobs in this country, that no one else will take.

    Even though I agree with Lydia in principle, I have to look at Mexico differently. The need of some Americas who depend upon drugs has caused so much evil in Mexico. Thousands have been murdered in the name of providing someone’s drug habit. I say no to drugs coming into our country, criminals, terrorists and the like, but yes to our neighbors from Mexico who are hard working, law abiding citizens,and family loving people who already live here for years. I believe we need their contribution in this country as hard working tax payers.

    We need to secure our borders from those who would commit evil acts, but a compassionate pathway to citizenship for those who have lived and worked here over the years, at the same time being firm that we have a legal process in the future that is doable with sponsorship. There has to be some common sense to our immigration policies with Mexico. Secure our borders, a pathway to citizenship for those who have lived here for years, and common sense immigration policies with Mexico that need to be adhered to.

  5. Jim Popp says:

    Ms Moreno,

    Thank you for your letter on this subject and you are 100% correct. However, all those who have replied to you so far are also correct in most of what they have stated. Both major political parties and a good number of past Administrations have allowed this illegal alien problem to reach the size and numbers it is now, both for political and financial reasons.

    We Americans have always been a compassionate people giving more money, blood and treasure to help others in this world of ours in various types of trouble and pain than any other country in the history of the world. Personally, I am very proud of that, but this present illegal immigration problem on the Mexican border we find ourselves faced with will have to be addressed, hopefully sooner than later.

    As a person who wants our border with Mexico completely secured before we start any new program to deal with this problem, I also have come to realize that some type of amnesty program will have to be part of that solution. As much as that upsets me too, I can see no other way at this point. There are just too many illegal aliens here now to do it any differently. An eleven million person “roundup” is not a feasable undertaking. I like the Marco Rubio solution better than any I have heard yet. No, I am not overly excited about it, but to me it addresses this major problem with some sort of a responsible solution.

  6. Rusty White says:

    Many have spoken about securing our boarders, are you willing to spend “BILLIONS” of tax dollars? Are you willing to build a wall just like the one the “king” of the right took credit for having torn down? Let me guess “our” wall is a good wall and everybody else’s is a bad wall, right? For over 200 years we didn’t need a wall, why now???

    One speaks of drugs as being part of the problem in Mexico, the 60,000 “+” that have lost their lives is directly related to our failed drug policy, fact! Before we bullied, bribed and paid Mexico to follow our failures, there were no THOUSANDS being killed, were there? While many countries around the world are trying new ideas, with great success, we still feed upon our own Nations sons and daughters while demanding others follow our failure, how disgusting is this truth???

    Until we put those that hire them in prison while eliminate the illegal benefits they come for “nothing” will change! Believing illegals will pay hundreds and thousands in fines from those just trying to survive, is like believing gun laws will make criminals stop having and using guns!!!

    Mexico and her people are the cause of our problems, right? So take out what it cost American tax payers to pay in enforcement, lost taxes, medical, schooling etc.. from the “BILLIONS” of tax payers dollars we send them “every” year! See how quick Mexico starts protecting their “OWN BOARDERS”!!!


  7. Rose Stuber says:


    Thank you for your letter! It was AWESOME!! I am going to send copies of it to our US representatives.

    President Obama “broke” the laws of the US Constitution when he made the executive order that is at the core of this story. Silly me, I thought the President of the United States swore on a bible to uphold our Constitution. Alabama was just struck down for trying to write their own immigration law, as was Arizona (which mirrored the US immigration law). We have immigration laws on the books, how about we enforce them? If we would vigorously enforce our laws and cut off the freebies, I suspect the problem would diminish. If we need workers for jobs that US citizens won’t do, then issue them work visas and follow-up.

  8. Andrew Wynn says:

    A few points for consideration:

    -during the 1950s and early 60s, the country vigorously enforced immigration laws and deported many, many thousands of illegal aliens, so any claims that it cannot be done are simply HOT AIR.

    -when a country will not protect its own border and enforce the laws designed to make said border meaningful, then effectively there is NO border.

    -since the federal government has been so engaged in usurping the powers of the States for so long, its efforts seem to be focused on consolidating centralized power and ongoing illegal immigration can be used as a tool in the accomplishment of that end.

    -as unpalatable as it may be to accept, many of those coming across the southern border have NO intention of integrating into American culture and retain allegiance to Mexico—and further, within the ranks of these illegal aliens are many whose long-term intent is to reintegrate the American southwest into Mexico through “reconquista.”

    Amnesty is nothing more than surrender on the southern border and represents the virtual disenfranchisement of the conservative voter.

  9. Rusty White says:

    “””Amnesty is nothing more than surrender on the southern border and represents the virtual disenfranchisement of the conservative voter.””

    Seems like I heard that in a “VERY FEW” years Texas will be over 75% “LEGAL” born hispanic’s. What excuse will the conservatives use when it is LEGAL voters and has nothing to do with amnesty? Think the “years” of treating other races as second class citizens and not good enough for your party, might be coming back to bite you in the as*, Just saying!


  10. Andrew Wynn says:

    Are you projecting, Rusty?

    How do you know I am not “hispanic?” Why would you assume that a hispanic majority who are here legally—and whose families may possibly have been here far longer than yours—are going to join the liberal set? Could it be that you tend to see things through the prism of race?

    Those “hispanics” who come here legally and go through the required process do not have the same mindset as those who come here to execute “reconquista” or to reap federal welfare benefits. In fact, some of the most conservative people I know have last names like “Terrazas” and “Vasquez.”

    People who come here for better opportunity (NOT spelled h-a-n-d-o-u-t-s) typically do not support progressive/socialist/marxist/statist ideals. They come to get away from such.

    As to your accusations against “my” party…let’s all recall that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 faced HEAVY opposition from democrats and passed through the Congress only because of heavy republican support. There’s more where that came from, so get down off your high horse of hypocrisy.

    When it comes to racism, Mr. White, speak for yourself. Oh, wait…you just did! You’ve just provided another perfect example of the white liberal’s tendency to project his own inner darkness on others.

    By the way, my great grandfather crossed the Rio Grande with all his worldly possessions in 1915.

    Yeah, I’d say you are DEFINITELY projecting. And it’s not attractive.

  11. Rusty White says:


    First off I am a breed, generations born here in Texas. My oldest son is half Hispanic and half breed from me, so your “assumption” doesn’t hold much truth, does it??? The best man at my wedding name is MATCHA, so again your “assumptions” hold no truth. One last point my father sponsored a family from Mexico back in the early 60’s they lived in a house behind ours for several years! So I kind of have an idea how the system is supposedly to work!

    As for your lame attempt to label me, I find it kind of funny. You see I don’t believe in either party, they both are just as bad as the other, in my book. As for the conservatives party their biases and bigotry has been “documented” for decades, have they not?

    How is it you have the authority to speak for others? As for my “high horse” again a laugh, and I don’t even own a horse! You see I just call’em like I see it, I joined the US ARMY in 1969, so you could say what you believe and I have the SAME RIGHT, got it!

    Growing up between two reservations in Arizona, I kind of got an idea how a breed with blue eyes knows what it feels like to be the minority! So your “assumption” I am white with a biased agenda doesn’t hold much water, care to try again??? At the very least both of us are wrong about the other as far as our backgrounds and party beliefs, right?

  12. Andrew Wynn says:

    You, Mr. White, are the one who opened this exchange up with accusations based upon false assumptions of a racial nature. You have still failed to address my charge that your obvious choice of political parties—the democrat-socialsists—is the party of racism. I kinda understand it though, seeing as how the democrat-socialist party is rife with racial preoccupation…heck, you could say it’s an outright obsession. And you being a big-time union hack and all—it must be tough living with such divided loyalties, assuming you are astute enough to be aware of your own plight.

    I couldn’t possibly care an inkling less about your ethnic heritage…I care only about your attitudes, and you promote the same self-loathing, politically correct, socialist mindset of the white liberal and as far as I am concerned that is exactly what you are as far as I am concerned. I couldn’t possibly care less what group you claim to come from. I am a conservative, and conservatives don’t give a tinker’s damn about the color of another’s skin. GOT IT? (LOL)

    You may try to elevate yourself on some pedestal that exists only in your own mind so that you can consider yourself above your peers if that’s what gives you your sense of self worth, but you’re not fooling anyone else. You may as well get comfortable with that idea. There are a bunch of folks who are less outspoken than I am, but just as savvy and observant.

  13. Rusty White says:


    “” And you being a big-time union hack and all””, REALLY? I feel for ya, it must be sad to be so full of hate. You ever been a Union member, I was non-Union for over 25 years and have been in one now for about 15 years, so your point is? sad you have a problem with those that suffered to bring our workers the weekend, safety, equal pay, benefits etc… Yep them bad old Union people only think of themselves. While it is true many times we are our own worst problem, that does not erase the good they have fought for, does it?

    I would really like to continue this, but don’t have the time for such a closed mind. You believe as you wish and I’ll do the same.

    “”I am a conservative, and conservatives don’t give a tinker’s damn about the color of another’s skin. GOT IT? (LOL)”” This may be true as to your beliefs, but your party has a “documented” history that can not be denied, FACT!

    But I do want to thank you for the humor, me above others is the best joke I have heard in a long time. Those that know me are rolling on the floor laughing at your assumption.

    “”There are a bunch of folks who are less outspoken than I am, but just as savvy and observant“” , REALLY??? While I am guilty of being out spoken and not “knowing“ my place, and damn proud of it! Far to long in this country a minority has silenced the majority, NEVER AGAIN! Either we are all equal with the same rights and status or our country is built on LIES! I have no problem giving, standing up for, or helping others but refused to be forced to be silent, deal with it. Have a nice life!:)


  14. Andrew Wynn says:

    Why don’t we just go one point at a time, Mr. White.

    You have twice made the assertion that “my party” has a history of racism. Now, realize before you begin that you have confirmed that you do indeed back the democrat-socialists…but that’s beside the point: back up your claim—with legitimate facts, not CNN-style spin and distortion, or some wild assertion followed by your oh-so-cute “FACT!”

  15. Rusty White says:


    The “whole” world has witnessed the bigotry of the “right” party, I don’t have to prove a thing, sorry for your HISTORY!!!

    Have a nice life, SORRY FOR YOUR LUCK!! I did not build the house you live in YOU AND YOURS DID!! Like I said, I feel for ya, but it is what it is, no matter how much you try and deny the past, IT IS YOURS TO LIVE WITH,FACT!!!
    To each their own, and let the “Almighty” JUDGE, GAME!!!

  16. Andrew Wynn says:

    I expected just that kind of response, Mr. White.

    My party freed the slaves. Your party did not. My party pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to passage. Your party fought it tooth and nail. My party wants equal opportunity for all—across the board, while your party divides the country across lines of race, gender, economic class, or any other means of division the offers some kind of political advantage. Your party has lured the African-American community into the trap of dependence for generations and created unnecessary misery on a scale unimaginable, and all for political gain.

    Racists are as racists do, and you have yet to provide any specifics to back up your accusation. And there’s a perfect explanation: you can NOT. Nor can you refute the charges I have leveled at your party.

    Making baseless claims followed by “FACT!” does not indeed make such claims fact. Now, I am finished flushing you out for all to see…youre so easy! My next discussion will be with someone who can present a coherent argument. I find you to be too boring to be entertaining.

    All yours, bud. Adios.

  17. Rusty White says:


    What part of I don’t like “either” party do you not understand? Every “assumption” you claim as to my party has NO MERIT, I have no party! You and your lack of acceptance of others positions, proved why independent in overwhelming numbers refuse to be a part of your party, THANK YOU!

    You can run but you nor your party can hide from the facts! The party you claim today is a far cry from the party back during slavery and the 60’s as well. The only thing you “flushed” is your right to claim to be unbiased and your self serving agendas, sorry for your luck.

    You would do well to move on, in the hopes of find one that will bow to your self pro-claimed superiority, have a nice life. You’re just another hateful “supposed” legend in your own mind, how sad ! You try and paint me as one on a high horse, then sadly attempt to put yourself on some kind of pedestal, sad at best!


  18. Robert Cox says:

    Oh brother! Oh, and very nice comparing those who support legal immigration with Nazis! I will say this…..I’d rather just open up the Mexican border than to import the hundreds of thousands of Muslims that this admin does each year. The laws should be enforced. The entire nation pays for this lawlessness. BTW, good responses Andrew. Facts are pesky things for liberals….


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