Texas joins other states in legal challenge

By Ed Sterling | Published Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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One Response to “Texas joins other states in legal challenge”

  1. So Mr Abbott plans on returning Texans to the abuses of the credit card companies again. So kind of him to be looking out for the one that put him in his lapdog positions, the Banks, the corporations, the greedy people that nearly destroyed this economy some 5 years ago. If you ran a survey today of Texans here is what you would find. Most do not know what the Consumer Protection Act of 2010 is. What rights and protections to the consumer that are protected and abuses are stopped. Banks don’t need more protection, consumers and people do. Typical Republican response. business whimpers and the bought and paid for lapdogs of the various regulated industries turn to their paid off politicians to make the pain go away.
    Gregg About, stop waisting my tax payers money on stupidity!


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