Oct. 1: Freedom from government day

By Jimmy Alford | Published Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Monday night, I got to watch my beloved Rangers lose their last hope at the playoffs.

I also witnessed my beloved country’s leadership shoot itself in the foot.

As American citizens, we owe a great heap of applause to our representatives walking the halls of Congress in Washington. In a series of balks, inaction, errors and generally sophomoric behavior (thank you, Ted Cruz) the people we have chosen to represent our best interests have given us a glimpse of true freedom.

What has led to this revelation on the hill? A splinter faction of one group that controls one part of one branch of the federal government has put the barrel to the head of the U.S. government and the American people.

The goal? Strike a blow against a wildly unpopular health care bill – no matter what it costs.

These men and women have fought long and hard against this despicable piece of legislation that was the pet project of the elected president, Barack Obama. Elected by popular vote, I might add, then soundly re-elected.

This legislation passed the House of Representatives and Senate, was signed into law by that president, and then was laid out under close scrutiny and inquisition by nine Supreme Court justices. At every stop, “Obamacare” was upheld.

And still these brave men and women, the Tea Party faction of the Grand Old Party, valiantly fight on.

What are they telling the American people? They’re telling us they are so wise, so correct in their thinking that they do not have to respect the balance of power, the rule of law, or the decisions made by the majority. They know better.

These bastions of American politics happily play their fiddles as Capital Hill is engulfed by flames and burns around their feet.

Let’s not forget, they are doing this for us. They are doing it for our freedom.

Today I stopped by the United States Department of Agriculture’s office in Decatur to see that they are indeed closed. The government shutdown has freed me from the USDA.

I feel so blessed to be rid of this agency, which was established by Abraham Lincoln, who also freed the slaves. The American people have been slaves to them – every time we go to the grocery store to buy properly grown, treated and handled food. Thank you, Congress, for freeing me from these tyrants.

I also saw a sign on the door of Wise County’s local United States Forest Service office. They’re closed, too.

How gladly I wash my hands of these hoodlums, these maniacs who say they serve us by caring for our forests and grasslands. Their yoke of oppression is no more!

We can only hope the trend continues. We could use more freedom – freedom from the United States Postal Service. After all, who needs to get more bills in the mail?

And how about a little freedom from the Federal Communications Commission? I don’t know about you, but I want more sex, nudity, violence and foul language mashed up alongside children’s programming. Oh, and I want to hear that garbage between songs on the radio, too.

And the ultimate freedom – we all want it – freedom from common sense. When this happens, I think we might finally be truly free.

I realize all the good work these men and women are doing in Washington, D.C. may be undone by the time this is published. Or it might be undone days, or weeks from now.

Whatever the future holds, lets remember these people’s deeds. Let’s remember Oct. 1, 2013, as the day we were made free – free from the naive faith that our government representatives are acting in our best interests.

Jimmy Alford is a graphic designer and photographer for the Messenger.

One Response to “Oct. 1: Freedom from government day”

  1. Rusty White says:


    WELL SAID! Sadly the Repubs are going to pay “for years” for these selfish acts, as they should! Almost “3 million” signed up the first day for healthcare, with “millions” more still trying, yep sure looks like our people don’t want this, REALLY????

    We are the “only” industrialized nation on earth that “does not” provide healtcare for it’s people, how uttery sad and disgusting is this, FACT! Our elderly are being “forced” to sell their homes, land and give up their life savings for healthcare, shame on us ALL!!!

    If we stook just “10%” of what we give other countries “every year” every man, woman and child could have free healthcare, when is it time to take care of our own???

    If the government is sut down, why is there still taxes being taken out of my check??? So am I paying for a “new” set of no working low lifes???



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