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By Erika Pedroza | Published Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if I was married or if I had kids, I wouldn’t be wallowing in any college debt.

I guess the expectation comes with time, but my only response is a shoulder shrug and simple “no.”

Then comes the look of pity. It’s as if in claiming my single status, I’m showing I lack for love.

Erika Pedroza

Erika Pedroza

Rest assured, that is not the case.

As the oldest cousin on both sides of the family and as the godmother to five through various Catholic sacraments and cultural notions, I have plenty of which to be proud.

I’ve got a collection of photos and videos that rivals that of any proud pageant momma – adorable kids in Halloween costumes; footage of touchdown runs and home runs; and presentations of perfect attendance awards.

Rise and Shine ceremonies, ballet recitals, soccer games, band concerts and road trips to visit those at college are all penciled in my planner.

I can field tricky questions and navigate the mixmaster that is the pick-up line at the elementary school.

Stick-figure drawings and school pictures decorate my desk area, and nothing makes my day like one of my sweet goddaughters picking flowers for me.

I am a realist, and I recognize that my mothering abilities are sub-par. I don’t quite fit the bill.

Aside from the fact that some days I forget to feed myself, I’d be the oblivious mother whose child does no wrong.

It would be hard to convince me that there are kids any more witty, darling, sharp, athletic, entertaining and loving than the ones in my life. It already is.

I may not be able to totally relate, but I can contribute to cute kid conversation.

And the best part about my situation – I only have to read about their medical ailments in texts, and I can send them back to their parents when they get fussy or sassy.

I think I get the better end of this deal.

Erika Pedroza is a Messenger reporter.

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