It’s a nice world out there

By Paris Walther | Published Saturday, August 10, 2013

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I walked into Starbucks early one morning, exhausted and lacking pleasant conversational skills. The only thing on my mind was breakfast.

Paris Walther

Paris Walther

I like to call myself a morning person if I don’t talk to anyone, but I’ve been told that doesn’t really count. A young barista slightly older than me began to sweep around the tables near mine. Not fully awake or paying attention, I continued to sip my tea and nibble on my breakfast, oblivious to anything else.

As she continued to sweep, I believe she noticed my surly demeanor because she kindly approached me and asked how I was doing.

Sometimes it is so nice to be greeted warmly by a stranger.

Scanner in one hand and price gun in the other, I went around the store, pricing each item on the shelves where I work. Not paying attention to where I was headed at the moment, I ran smack dab into my fourth grade teacher. She smiled and called me by name (I’ve always wondered how teachers remember all their previous students’ names; it’s admirable really). She asked me about college and my family and what all plans I had. We spoke briefly, but long enough to have a great conversation.

Sometimes it is so nice to catch up with old friends and teachers.

As I left work for the day, I caught a glimpse of a father throwing a football to his son in the empty parking lot as he waited on his wife to come out of the store. They were both laughing and enjoying themselves so much, I almost wanted to join them. At one point, the boy caught a pass that was particularly high, and his dad ran straight up to him and gave him a hug, proud and happy.

Sometimes it is so nice to get excited about the small victories.

Black-and-white headlines fly across my laptop screen broadcasting the latest natural disaster. Stories expose athletes and public figures for their addictions and lost morals. People lose their lives every day to war and famine around the world.

It’s awful what goes on around us sometimes, but I’m not sure our world is as bad as we all think. I know we have trouble, and I think those issues require awareness – but I don’t believe we only have problems. There are so many little things we can get excited about.

We just have to know where to look for them.

Paris Walther is a Messenger intern.

One Response to “It’s a nice world out there”

  1. Cindy Berry says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Paris. I could visualize your every word, as I read your column – something you’ve always been great at. I often have a tough time with names, even the current ones in my classes, for awhile, but YOU, I will never forget. Thanks for the memories!


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