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By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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The Wise County Messenger strives for the highest standards in journalism in both our print and online products. In a constant effort to balance timeliness and accuracy, we do not print or post stories until they have been verified to the best of our ability with the most accurate information available. As new information comes to light, we post and print it as quickly as possible once we are reasonably sure it is accurate.

We encourage reader feedback, and our online presence offers numerous opportunities for that. We want to know what our readers think, and those comments on our website, on Facebook and in other forums often provide us with valuable information.

We encourage those who comment online to keep their comments civil, to avoid profanity, name-calling and personal attacks. We do delete comments when necessary and we can block those who are persistently offensive.

However, we remind everyone that the nature of online commentary is that it is a free and open forum. Anyone can offer an opinion or observation, and the Messenger is not responsible for the accuracy or civility of what readers post online. Our responsibility to our readers, friends and followers is to uphold the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism in what we post online, just as we do in our print editions. How readers respond to that is their responsibility.

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