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By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, January 5, 2013

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The start of a new year is often cause for reflection on the previous one, even here at the Messenger. Over the last few issues we’ve shared stories and photos that made the biggest impact on us, and while it’s fun to discuss and debate these things among ourselves, I find it more interesting to know what stories garnered the most reader attention.

Kristen Tribe

Kristen Tribe

Obviously, it’s impossible to track what is read in the print version, but a benefit of dispersing news digitally is that you know exactly how many times an article was read or at least how many times it was opened. These numbers are tracked as “page views.”

Below are the most-read news stories online in 2012. These also ran in the print version of the paper, but again, we have no way of tracking how many times individual stories are read in that format.

These are the people, places and issues that our digital readers wanted to know more about.


1) Tragedy by the tracks: Community mourns loss of Marcus Silletti, July 11 (3,813 page views)

2) Commissioner investigated for theft, Feb. 8 (3,091 page views)

3) Man dies after collision with tree, June 20 (2,835 page views)

4) Man stabbed with golf club in brawl, Feb. 4 (2,810 page views)

5) County indicts man for photographing nude teen, Aug. 25 (2,684 page views)

6) 2 arrested in kid’s drowning death, Aug. 11 (2,592 page views)

7) Teen dies at train crossing, Aug. 1 (2,463 page views)

8) Man dies in helicopter crash, Oct. 13 (2,360 page views)

9) Boy loses leg from lawn mower accident, March 28 (2,109 page views)

10) Saying goodbye: Hall leaves husband, children behind, June 13 (2,037 page views)

And for sports fans, we have the following:


1) Colbert makes classy move, April 14 (2,528 page views)

2) Class 2A Region II Preview, April 25 (1,658 page views)

3) Comeback Story: After injury nearly cost him his leg, senior fighting to return, July 14 (1,220 page views)

4) Cheers for London: Alvord residents’ son-in-law tries for Olympic gold, July 7 (691 page views)

5) Clear for Takeoff, March 31 (566 page views)

6) 2011 A-Listers: Wise’s Football Stars Take the Stage, Jan. 14 (533 page views)

7) Trinity Christian clips Eagles’ wings, Sept. 1 (508 page views)

8) Porcupines pin down Eagles, Sept. 8 (489 page views)

9) Heating up: New rules change workouts, Aug. 4 (415 page views)

10) Jones leaves Decatur staff: Longtime defensive coordinator takes job at Prestonwood, June 20 (414 page views)

Whether you read the digital Messenger, pick up a copy from the newsstand or pull it from your mailbox twice a week, we thank you for reading, and we look forward to serving you and sharing your stories in 2013.

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