WOW comes to town

By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Alice Linahan of Argyle has put a bullseye on CSCOPE.

The mother of three is a leader of Women on the Wall, an advocacy organization that focuses on education and national security.

Tuesday night, she brought her message to Decatur.

Linahan was instrumental in getting CSCOPE – a curriculum tool created by regional Education Service Centers to help school districts meet state-mandated scope-and-sequence requirements – removed from the Argyle school district.

She’s convinced the lessons are anti-American.

“(The lessons) are a marriage between Islamic extremists and leftists,” she said. “I want (kids) to be critical thinkers, but they need a foundation of why America is great.”

About 30 people attended the meeting at Decatur Civic Center, which lasted two-and-a-half hours.

Linahan described herself as a “connected authority” because daily she pushes or distributes information online, specifically through social media. Her goal was to give Tuesday’s audience members the tools to better present information to their friends and neighbors in Wise County.

“Become the media,” she said. “That’s why (Argyle ISD) knew I was a threat because I would just put everything out there.”

Linahan equated the implementation of CSCOPE to a planned bombing of the 2008 Republican convention. She explained that the far left categorizes people as green, yellow or red, and then those categories are used to execute schemes.

Most of the time, the green and yellow don’t even realize their involvement, she said.

For example, she said people in the “green” category at the Republican convention were Democrats who were told to carry picket signs outside the convention in peaceful protest. People categorized as “yellow” are a bit edgier, possibly more volatile, and those people were sent to link arms with PVC pipe to hold back police. The “red” group were those people who actually set the bombs.

Linahan said the green and even some of the yellow people didn’t know about the big picture and didn’t realize they were being used to pull off such a dastardly act.

These are the superintendents and teachers, Linahan said. She thinks school personnel who favor CSCOPE or choose to use it are pawns in a much bigger scheme to undermine American exceptionalism, a concept that embodies the U.S.’ efforts to spread liberty and democracy.

Linahan said the creators of CSCOPE “don’t believe in American exceptionalism.”

“That’s why the lessons are anti-American,” she said. “I think this is the battle of our lifetime. Either there will be future generations or there won’t.”

Afterward, she sold T-shirts proclaiming her message.

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