Wise County Sheriff’s Office implements plan to catch Christmas thieves

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, December 21, 2013

{{{*}}}The Wise County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new program to catch thieves who swipe gifts and special deliveries.

It was started after numerous packages were reported stolen from front porches and vehicles during the Christmas season.

To combat the problem, decoy packages made to look like wrapped Christmas presents or FedEx and UPS packages were placed in the backs of vehicles in the Lowe’s and Wal-Mart parking lots. They were also placed in neighborhoods where numerous deliveries have been stolen. All of these units were under surveillance.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that during the first two days of the program, no arrests were made.

“Our goal is to keep thieves wondering if this might be a package placed by the Sheriff’s Office or a real delivery,” said Sheriff David Walker. “If they have to wonder if it’s one of ours, they may think twice about committing a crime.”

Walker said the program would continue after the holidays.

To avoid having packages stolen, investigators recommend having deliveries made to a location where someone is present to accept them. They also ask homeowners and shoppers to keep newly purchased items out of sight.

In the meantime, thieves should beware that the package they pick up could be a special delivery from the Sheriff’s Office.

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