Up in the air: Area youngsters treated to magic, juggling act

By Jimmy Alford | Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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There are times when people – in this case children – sit and stare in wide-eyed amazement.

When that happens, it’s magic.



That was the case when area kids got to witness juggler and all-around showman David Slick Tuesday morning at the Decatur Public Library. While the juggler and magician entertained in one room, kids could step into another room and enter whatever worlds lay between those books’ covers.

HAT TRICK – Juggler and magician David Slick makes a rabbit appear, seemingly out of thin air. Messenger photo by Jimmy Alford

About 119 youngsters attended Slick’s first show at 11 a.m. Altogether, 250 or so children have signed up to take part in the summer reading program.

Youth services manager Abby Dozier said this was the second of eight installments aimed at keeping kids’ minds occupied and their noses in the books while school is out for the summer.

“We also like to have a different show every week for the kids,” Dozier said.

In Slick’s show, young readers saw the standards that come with any magic act – pulling rabbits from hats and sleight-of-hand tricks. They also got to laugh at Slick’s antics and then gasp as he began juggling foot-long knives.

No safety worries, however. Slick is well-practiced. June is his busiest month, as he performs as many as 14 shows in three days. That’s quite a few rabbits out of his hat, but he makes it happen.

Breanna Goodwyn said she “really” enjoyed the show.

“My favorite part was when he was juggling on the unicorn [sic],” Goodwyn said as she laughed.

Of course, it was actually a unicycle – but with all that magic in the air, a unicorn seemed completely plausible.

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