Two injured as plane crashes in pasture

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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An airplane crashed right after takeoff into a field north of Bridgeport Municipal Airport just before noon Tuesday.

The mishap sent the two occupants of the small Beechcraft to the hospital with minor injuries. Their identities had not been released as of press time Tuesday afternoon.


DOWNTURN – A small aircraft crash-landed into a plowed field about noon Tuesday in Bridgeport. Two occupants suffered minor injuries. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

At least one witness saw the plane go down after it danced dangerously close to power lines.

“I was working across the road, and I saw a plane coming from the airport,” said witness Daron Read. “It started sputtering. Then it came over those high wires before it came down.”

Read jumped in his pickup and rushed to pasture where the plane came to a stop. He found two startled passengers inside.

“They were a little banged up,” Read said.

The plane landed hard in a tilled field, stopping just a couple of feet short of ramming into an old tin barn. Its landing gear was scattered across the field.

“There’s nothing like a plane crash to start your day,” said Verna Manning who has lived for more than 40 years on the property where the plane went down. She said in that time, she’s witnessed at least a half-dozen plane crashes on her property.

“There was one guy that crash-landed onto a stack of round bales we had,” Manning said. “He yelled at us that we had ‘obstructed his flyway.’ That wasn’t in his flyway! Another man got his plane wrapped up in a tree. And we’ve had several go through the fence on our land on the other side of the highway. It’s just the hazard of living near a airport.”

Manning’s property is off U.S. 380, several hundred yards north of the airport, which runs north-south.

“This was not the first crash we’ve had here and it won’t be the last,” she added.

The Texas Department of Public Safety did the initial investigation of the crash. They’ll turn all their information over to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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