The Quotes of 2013

By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Terry Ross

Terry Ross. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“I just stand for what I believe in, and I don’t believe I really did anything that constituted all this.”
– Suspended Precinct 4 County Commissioner Terry Ross upon announcing his bid for re-election

Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“Just because you have 18 doesn’t mean they give you 19. World titles never get any easier to win, and that’s why they all hold special meaning for me.”
– Decatur cowboy Trevor Brazile after winning a record-breaking 19th world championship at WNFR December in Las Vegas

Randy Singleton

Randy Singleton. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“It looked like a perfect runway landing, except it was on a U.S. highway.”
– Bridgeport Police Chief Randy Singleton said of an emergency plane landing on U.S. 380 in his city in March.

JD Clark

J.D. Clark. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“I don’t know anybody in Chico who will tell you we don’t have enough dust in the air.”
– Chico Mayor J.D. Clark, discussing a proposed limestone quarry just outside the city limits in April.

John Fostel

Judge John Fostel. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“In a Democracy, the truth of it is, if someone doesn’t speak up when they need to, change is never made.”
– Judge John Fostel

Newark Mayor

Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“It’s not personal to me because I’m not the one that made the complaint. I don’t have any dog in this fight other than it’s a nuisance. ”
– Newark mayor pro tem Bob Wells on closing his neighbor’s backyard tennis club

“For him to pass away at that table, it’s tragic, but also poetic in a way. I honestly believe he cared about everyone and took everybody’s concerns to heart. He was just a champion of that.”
– Attorney Thomas Aaberg on the death of the late County Judge Bill McElhaney at a commissioners meeting in October

“We knew he was different, and weird and strange, but we had no idea he was capable of doing what he did.”
– Terry Bice, next door neighbor to murder victim Nancy Heithecker whose son, Kirk, was accused of killing her on Mother’s Day weekend.

“It’s just instinct to come home. No one knows how. If we figured it out, it wouldn’t be any fun any more.”
– Kenny Kelly, Wise County pigeon racer, and one of the organizers of the Texas Shootout event, held here last January.

“I don’t know why we have to address this. I don’t know of any city around that doesn’t allow council members or the mayor to serve on the fire department… If it becomes an issue then we can deal with it. But it never has. And I’ve been doing this for seven years.”
– Rhome Mayor Chris Moore’s reaction to council suggesting volunteer firefighters can’t hold public office

“There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about this. I’ve thought about killing myself. But that would be selfish to throw something away they all wish they could have. I need to succeed for them.”
– Danny Nalley testifying at trial where he was charged with four counts of negligent homicide after a wreck he caused killed four friends on Farm Road 730

“Texas has 330,000 or so children in private schools and 4.3 million in public schools. The fact that we’re spending all this time even discussing it is very irritating to me.”
– Kandy Shelton of Alvord, one of a group of Methodist women who worked to restore funding to public schools and keep the Legislature from funding private-school vouchers.

“Right now this is like a jewelry store. But instead of dealing in gold and silver – copper, brass and lead is the new currency.”
– Brian Bernardo, owner/operator of Bridgeport Guns & Ammo, as gun owners rushed to get ahead of expected limitations on gun and ammunition purchases.

“All the curriculum does is take those standards, bundle them together and say this is the sequence you need to teach those standards. That’s the written curriculum, and that’s the part we purchased from CSCOPE.”
– Judi Bell, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for Decatur ISD, attempting to explain the controversy over the curriculum-writing program purchased by hundreds of Texas school districts.

“Building a cabin was truly a matter of life and death for settlers. Their chances of survival were slim anyway and without a cabin, they dropped dramatically… Most of them didn’t make it. Just the tough ones stayed here. That’s why original Texans are a tough bunch of people.”
– Bill Marquis, cabin restorer.

“Life is not hopeless. You have a choice – you can either live it or choose to check out. But it goes on whether you’re in it or not. And I’ve learned I want to be in it. I am worth it.”
– Jan Scott of Decatur, who confronted mental health issues head-on

“I owe it to myself to go on with the rest of my life because there’s a lot of life left.”
– Barb Clingan of Roanoke, who confronted mental health issues head-on

“We’ve done everything that we can do to try to protect our interest. We pretty well knew this is how it was going to come out. We just decided not to object to the sale, to let it go on and let’s just start all over and head in a different direction with all of our time and efforts. But the people need to know we’ve done all that we need to do, to no avail. It is what it is.”

– Bridgeport Mayor Keith McComis after learning the city wouldn’t get any return on its investment in the hospital

“Just talking about her makes me feel like she’s here.”
– Maria Fernanda Avina, mother of Kaylee Avina, who died from a rare form of childhood cancer in 2012

“We spent a lot of time in this process asking this group of folks what’s important. Is one test one on one day the most important thing to us? Or, is what happens 180 days out of the year that works toward that day as well as any other day, what’s important to us?”
– Edward Chevallier, Northwest ISD assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

“They were Randy’s police family. They’re the other ones who saw him daily, and they still have to go do the job everyday that he got killed doing.”
– Janet White, widow of Bridgeport Police Sgt. Randy White

“The bottom line is the people in a community make the city; they’re the people you are serving. To be able to be of service to the community is a fulfilling experience.”
– Ilene Enochs, who retired from the Bridgeport City Council in May after almost 10 years of service

“Our vision is to be proactive and preventative, not reactive, although, unfortunately, there will always be need for that, too.”
– Dena Silvers, chair of the Wise Coalition for Healthy Children

“That a match was found was a huge relief, a blessing, yes. But you realize that while you’re getting your best news, someone else’s family is getting their worst. They are saying goodbye to a loved one.”
– Katie Spiekerman. whose son, William, received a kidney from Ashlie Wright of Paradise, who died of a brain clot in 2011

“We’re Texas people. We take care of our own and ride for the kids.”
– Ed Beckley, a Wise County Toy Run organizer

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