One shot, another stabbed; Man defends family in street duel Sunday

By Brandon Evans | Published Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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A man’s quest for a missing bicycle turned violent early Sunday night on the streets of Chico.

Edmon “Sonny” Wallace, 31, was allegedly stabbed in the lower back by Kevin R. Martinez, 40, in the middle of Oakwood Street. After being stabbed, Wallace managed to go into his home, grab a pistol, come back outside and shoot Martinez in the leg.

KNIFE WOUND – Edmon “Sonny” Wallace, 31, of Chico is recovering a deep knife wound he suffered during an assault in the street in front of his house last weekend. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

According to witnesses, Martinez had been going through the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of a bicycle he had recently purchased. At some point Wallace, who lives on Oakwood Street, heard arguing at his aunt and uncle’s home just down the road from his house.

“I didn’t even know what was going on,” Wallace said. “I heard some screaming and hollering down at my aunt’s house. So I went down there to see what was going on.”

Martinez was attempting to get through the screen door at Wallace’s aunt and uncle, Wallace said.

“He was trying to get in at them,” he said. “I told him he needs to leave. Nobody has his bikes. And he walks out to the street and says, ‘So you wanna fight, huh?’ I told him I didn’t want to fight. I just wanted to diffuse the situation. I just wanted him to leave. When I walked out to the street he rushed, stabbed me and sliced me.

“I think he was on drugs. He wasn’t right. When he came at me and stabbed me, there wasn’t a second thought. He just stabbed me and ripped.”

Bleeding profusely, Wallace rushed down to his home, grabbed a pistol and went back to the street. Wallace and other witnesses said Martinez was continuing to threaten bystanders with the knife.

STANDING GUARD – Edmon “Sonny” Wallace, stands in front of his home with wife Rebekah, and their children, Lil’ Sonny, 3, Sandra, 11, Carolina, 10 months and Raylana, 9. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“He charged at me again with the knife,” Wallace said. “I shot him and then he buckled over, fell down and said I’m hit. I didn’t want to do anything to him. I didn’t shoot to kill. I was just protecting my family.”

Both men were flown from Chico to Texas Health/Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. Amazingly, despite suffering serious wounds, both were released the same night.

Wallace is back home with his family, recovering from a 6-inch gash he suffered along his side and back. A dozen staples are holding his skin together. The blade narrowly missed inflicting damage on internal organs but did cut muscle tissue. He required blood transfusions.

“It was adrenaline,” he said. “I don’t know how much I bled from there and back to get my pistol. But by the time I got back to him I had lost a lot of blood. I got into my aunt and uncle’s house afterward, and I passed out.

“I’d already been injured. I was defending my family. I was afraid he was going to hurt somebody else. My family was still down there.”

Wallace works in the oilfield, but he can’t return until he recovers from the attack.

“I’m a hard working man who was just doing what anyone else would to protect their family,” he said.

Wallace is married with four young children.

“My kids are traumatized from it,” he said. “They didn’t see it, but they know their daddy was hurt when they saw me getting loaded into the helicopter.”

The Wise County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigation team is still looking into details of the violent street fight. No charges had been filed at press time, but Martinez may face an aggravated assault charge.

Martinez has a lengthy arrest record. He’s been arrested 24 times in Wise County since 2001 with charges including assault, drug possession and delivery, and evading and resisting arrest.

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