No action taken on principal’s contract

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, March 2, 2013

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All but one Chico ISD administrator received a contract extension at Wednesday’s special school board meeting.

Following a 30-minute closed session, trustees took separate votes on all administrator contracts except that of middle school principal Maury Martin.

The board voted 7-0 to give one-year extensions to high school principal Lisa Slaughter, elementary principal Colleen Netterville, athletic director Stephen Carter, counselor Evelyn Holt and director of special programs Brian Deady. The extensions did not include any adjustments in salaries. Those considerations will be made when the budget is prepared this summer.

Superintendent Mike Jones said after the meeting that Martin’s contract was not brought forward for board consideration. When asked if Martin’s contract would be considered at a future date, Jones said, “I had no recommendation to bring to the board.”

Martin’s current two-year contract expires at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

Jones later explained that nothing in law or policy requires board action in the middle of a multi-year contract.

At the board’s regular meeting Feb. 21, Jones recommended extending the contracts for all administrators except for Martin. Since it was a personnel matter, Jones said he could not comment further on why he did not recommend a contract extension for Martin.

The board voted 3-3 on accepting Jones’ recommendations on the contract extensions at the Feb. 21 meeting, meaning no action was taken. Mark Tate, Noel Ruddick and Paul Cantrell voted in favor of Jones’ recommendations, while Doug Bowyer, Pancho Redwine and G.A. Buckner voted against the superintendent’s recommendation. Board member Craig Moss was absent due to a job obligation. Prior to the vote during the meeting on Feb. 21, three employees and a parent spoke in public forum in support of Martin.

A special meeting was called Wednesday to consider the issue once more. The agenda did not include a public forum.

Martin is in his ninth year as principal at Chico Middle School.

3 Responses to “No action taken on principal’s contract”

  1. Farrell, What is your statement saying? Your Happy? Do you have children in that School? Just wondering if your heart is as hard as Mike Jones. Oh, you weren’t raised with small town values, were you? I would love to see what Mike Jones has on Mr. Martin. The scores at his school are great, the teachers like him. Mr. Martin is doing his job, and then someone with power like Mike Jones decides they can destroy people lives, and they take pleasure in doing so. So, Mike Jones doesn’t like Mr. Martin personally, should that warrant not recommending his (Mr. Martins) contract? Stand up Chico, use your voice – Do Not be a bystander, be involved. This type of egotistical rages are happening at other schools in this county, there needs to be a stop put to it. I am sad that Mike Jones’ heart is so hardened, and I will pray for God to tender him, and do what is right or at least provide backup for his decision.

  2. brandi hicks says:

    Debra! I could not have said that any better. Mr Martin is an amazing mentor and principle at Chico Middle School. His teachers love him, most parents do as well. I believe if there is a legitament reason to not extend his contract that the parents and staff of CMS should know what that reason is… The problem is, there is no reason. I will be devastated if Mr Martin is not renewed. He is a great person, administrator, and leader of this community. Not only is he active in the school, but outside of the school as well. It saddens me to see how heartless some can be towards others. I am also praying for this school, this community, the superintendant, and the staff of CMS.


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